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Kenya Dairy Board Wins Top Honor at Africa Food Awards 2023!

The Kenya Dairy Board (KDB), a government parastatal responsible for regulating and licensing the Kenyan dairy sector, has been recognized as the Government Agency of the Year at the prestigious Africa Food Awards 2023. This accolade highlights the board’s commitment to upholding quality standards and ensuring the health and safety of consumers in the dairy industry.

Protecting Consumer Health and Safety: As a regulatory body, the Kenya Dairy Board places great emphasis on safeguarding the well-being of milk and milk product consumers. To achieve this, the board enforces strict quality standards and conducts regular inspections of dairy processing plants. It takes appropriate action against industry players found to be non-compliant, ensuring that consumers are protected from substandard products.

Collaboration with Government Agencies and Industry Stakeholders: Recognizing the significance of collaboration, the Kenya Dairy Board works closely with other government agencies such as the Kenya Bureau of Standards, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, and the National Environment Management Authority. This cooperative approach ensures the enforcement of regulations and the promotion of compliance across the dairy industry. Additionally, the board actively engages with industry stakeholders, including dairy farmers, milk processors, and other players in the dairy value chain, to foster sustainable and profitable growth.

Promoting Efficiency and Private Enterprise: The Kenya Dairy Board believes in fostering an environment that encourages private enterprise while maintaining efficiency within the dairy sector. Under the guidance of Managing Director Margaret Kibogy, the board permits a high degree of private enterprise in the production, processing, and sale of dairy products. Their approach is centered on promoting efficiency and safeguarding the interests of both producers and consumers.

Regulation for Growth and Development: The Kenya Dairy Board plays a pivotal role in regulating and promoting the growth of the dairy industry in Kenya. By ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards, the board contributes to improving the livelihoods of dairy farmers, increasing the availability of safe and nutritious milk and milk products, and fostering overall economic development in the country. The board’s dedication to enhancing the sector’s regulatory framework demonstrates its commitment to protecting consumers, encouraging private sector participation, attracting investment, and facilitating trade both domestically and internationally.

Drafting of the Dairy Industry Bill 2023: In line with their commitment to continuous improvement, the Kenya Dairy Board recently proposed the enactment of a robust regulatory framework for the dairy sector at both national and county levels. This proposed framework aims to ensure compliance with quality and safety requirements, protect consumers, enhance private sector participation, boost investment, and promote trade within the dairy industry. The updated legislation recognizes modern farming practices and technological advancements and expands its scope to include sheep, goat, and camel milk alongside cow milk.

The Kenya Dairy Board’s recognition as the Government Agency of the Year at the Africa Food Awards 2023 is a testament to their unwavering commitment to upholding quality standards, promoting compliance, and ensuring the health and safety of consumers in the Kenyan dairy sector. Through collaborative efforts with government agencies and industry stakeholders, the board continues to play a vital role in the growth and development of the industry, while also advocating for an updated regulatory framework that aligns with modern practices. Their dedication to improving the livelihoods of dairy farmers and providing safe and nutritious dairy products positions them as a key driver of economic development in the country.

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