The Farmer's Journal Africa's Ethos

A Summary of About us

The Farmer’s Journal Africa Magazine is a practical farming magazine, available online, that highlights the successful experiences of the country’s new generation of commercial farmers and gives advice on practical tips to prospective agricultural newcomers.

Beginning in 2023, we guarantee that The Farmer’s Journal Africa remains Southern Africa’s favorite coffee table Farming Magazine.

Agriculture-First Stewardship

 We are steadfast stewards and champions for agriculture’s present and future, always seeking new methods to help the industry prosper and feed the nation.

Honest and Fair Collaboration

We attempt to hear and appreciate other people’s perspectives while being straightforward about our own. We strive to treat our readers and each other fairly and consistently.

Dec ~ Jan 2024 Issue 05

Dec ~ Jan Issue 05

Oct ~ Nov 2023 Issue 04

Oct ~ Nov Issue 04

Aug ~ Sept 2023 Issue 03

Aug~Sept 2023 Issue 03

June ~ July Issue 02

June ~ July 2023 Issue 02

April ~ May Issue 01

April ~ May 2023 Issue 01

Our Distribution

To ensure that the targeted readers’ audience is reached, the digital magazine is given to small-scale farmers, commercial farmers, and professionals working in the agriculture business in Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Readers of The Farmer’s Journal Magazine are typically in middle to senior management, ranging from Small-scale farmers and important decision-makers in Southern Africa’s agricultural industry, including CEOs, Directors, Company Owners, Government Departments, Procurement Managers, Farm Managers, Agronomists, and many other experts.
  • The Farmer’s Journal magazine is also distributed directly to a number of businesses, hotels & lodges, restaurants, and governmental institutions throughout Kenya,  Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
  • The Farmer’s Journal Magazine, the digital version (PDF) is also distributed via email to a database of 15 000+ emails of farming professionals from all over Africa collected from Agro Events and also through social media.
  • We have partnered with local organizations: Partnering with local organizations such as farmers’ associations, agricultural cooperatives, and government bodies to distribute the magazine and reach a wider audience.

Our Distribution

  • February/March
  • April/May
  • June/July
  • August/September
  • October/November
  • December/January


How to contact us

If you are interested in a partnership or collaboration with us, you can connect with us via these contact details.


+260 76 884 7029