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Zambia Sugar Reports 14% Revenue Growth and Export Success

Despite navigating a challenging landscape characterized by illegal sugar imports and economic constraints for rural households, Zambia Sugar, the largest sugar producer in Zambia, has triumphed with a remarkable 14% growth in revenue for the year ending August 31, 2023. This article explores the key drivers behind Zambia Sugar’s impressive revenue surge, shedding light on their resilience in the face of adversity.

A Sweet Rise in Revenue:

Zambia Sugar, often referred to as the “WhiteSpoon” sugar producer, has reported a substantial 14% growth in revenue, amounting to K5.827 billion (US$256.4 million). This remarkable achievement demonstrates their unwavering commitment to their craft and their dedication to providing quality sugar products.

Factors Fueling Growth:

Several factors have contributed to the impressive revenue growth of Zambia Sugar. A significant factor has been the 12% improvement in the weighted average selling price for domestic sales, paired with a remarkable 28% increase in export sales. Zambia Sugar attributes this surge in exports to robust regional demand, efficient logistics management, and ample stock availability due to a slowdown in domestic demand.

Solid Operating Profit:

In addition to the remarkable revenue growth, Zambia Sugar has also seen an increase in operating profit for the year under review, rising to K1.248 billion (US$54.9 million) from K1.243 billion (US$54.7 million) the previous year. This financial stability is a testament to the company’s ability to manage costs efficiently and optimize their operations.

Earnings and Cost Management:

While headline earnings for the year have seen a decrease to K935 million (US$41.1 million) from K1005 million (US$44.2 million) in the previous year, Zambia Sugar acknowledges the challenges posed by increased input costs. Key expenses, including fertilizers, chemicals, electricity, employee costs, packaging, and fuel, rose by 10%, aligning with inflation rates. However, the company’s commitment to improved price realization and cost management practices has been instrumental in maintaining strong performance.

Leadership Resilience:

Norman Mbazima, Chairman of the Board at Zambia Sugar, commends the company’s exceptional performance during a year marked by numerous operational and economic challenges. The company’s ability to thrive despite adversity underscores their dedication to delivering quality sugar products.

A Sugary Legacy:

Established in 1964, Zambia Sugar has become one of the largest cane sugar producers in Africa. The company is listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, with 75% of shares held by the Illovo Group, and the remaining shares are in the hands of institutional and private investors. Zambia Sugar boasts a remarkable capacity to produce 450,000 tons of raw, brown, and refined sugar from the cane supplied by their operations and local growers, with approximately 1.9 million tons in total and 1.5 million tons delivered by small to large-scale growers.

Challenges and Solutions:

Zambia Sugar, along with other local producers, has been grappling with the pressure posed by illegal sugar imports, often sold at below market rates. However, Zambia Sugar Plc is actively mitigating this challenge by focusing on optimizing their sales mix, embarking on a sustained marketing effort, and collaborating with authorities to implement measures to curb the influx of illegal imports.

Zambia Sugar’s remarkable revenue growth amidst adversity is a testament to their commitment to quality, resilience, and determination. Their dedication to delivering superior sugar products and their proactive approach to overcoming challenges positions them as a beacon of success in the sugar industry.

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