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Wild Coffee Ethiopia Receives African Rising Star Company of the Year Award, Elevating Ethiopian Coffee Excellence.

Wild Coffee Ethiopia, an emerging coffee company, has been honored with the prestigious African Rising Star Company of the Year award at the Africa Food Awards held in Nairobi. This recognition highlights the company’s commitment to promoting authentic Ethiopian coffee flavors to the world. With an exciting announcement from the Managing Director, Gezahegn Mamo, about the opening of an international wild coffee tasting house in Nairobi, Wild Coffee Ethiopia continues to elevate the coffee experience for enthusiasts.

A Celebration of Excellence:

The Africa Food Awards, established in 2017, celebrated its latest edition by recognizing outstanding individuals, innovative products, sustainable initiatives, and leading companies in Africa’s food industry. Among the 50 African companies honored at the ceremony, Wild Coffee Ethiopia stood out for its exceptional quality and contribution to the coffee sector.

Wild Coffee’s Exquisite Assortment:

Wild Coffee Ethiopia offers a diverse range of roasted coffee that caters to a variety of tastes. With flavors encompassing deep spicy, floral, herbal, winey, and fruity blends, coffee connoisseurs can explore an array of authentic Ethiopian coffee experiences. The product line includes whole beans and ground coffee, providing customers with convenient options for their brewing preferences.

Ethiopia’s Dominance in the Coffee Industry:

The award bestowed upon Wild Coffee Ethiopia further solidifies Ethiopia’s reputation as a leading coffee producer. The country has embraced coffee as a symbol of trade and has become the largest coffee producer in Africa. In pursuit of enhancing coffee export earnings, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority has implemented stringent quality measures and strategic plans to reach a target of almost 1.26 million metric tons of coffee production by 2033.

The Comprehensive Ethiopian Coffee Strategy and Implementation Roadmap (CECSIR) developed by the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority aims to foster long-term growth and collaboration in the coffee sector. This strategy encompasses crucial aspects of the coffee value chain, including research, production and extension, value-addition, processing, marketing, and sector strengthening.

Driving Economic Development and Sustainability:

Ethiopia’s commitment to the coffee sector extends beyond production targets. Collaboration between the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research (EIAR), international nonprofit TechnoServe, and the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority has identified opportunities within the coffee value chain to improve farmer incomes and create employment opportunities for millions of workers. These initiatives are supported by various stakeholders, financial partners, donors, and investors.

Export Performance and Future Goals:

Despite a drop in volume, Ethiopia has secured over $1.1 billion from coffee exports during the first 11 months of the current fiscal year (2022/23). With $1.15 billion generated from 110,000 tons of coffee exports, the country has surpassed its previous achievements. However, reaching the target of shipping 360,000 tons of coffee and securing $2 billion in revenue for the 2022/23 fiscal year may prove challenging.

Wild Coffee Ethiopia’s recognition as the African Rising Star Company of the Year emphasizes the nation’s commitment to producing exceptional coffee and sharing its authentic flavors with the world. With an upcoming wild coffee tasting house in Nairobi, coffee enthusiasts can expect an immersive experience that celebrates Ethiopian coffee heritage. As Ethiopia continues to enhance its coffee sector through comprehensive strategies and collaborations, it reinforces its position as a global coffee powerhouse, contributing to economic development and sustainability in the process.

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