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Namibia Pursues Legislation to Boost Local Industries: Dairy and Meat Imports Targeted for Revitalization.

The Namibian government is taking proactive measures to address the surge in dairy, poultry, and pork imports and provide support to local industries. Proposed legislative changes aim to bolster local production and protect Namibian producers. The Livestock and Livestock Product Amendment Bill, introduced by Agriculture Minister Calle Schlettwein, highlights the urgency to revitalize the dairy and poultry sectors, which are facing the risk of collapse due to increased imports.

Reviving Local Industries: Namibia’s heavy reliance on imported food products has left the nation vulnerable and dependent on other countries. The proposed changes seek to develop the dairy and poultry industries by creating a growth-oriented regulatory framework aligned with the country’s agriculture policy and growth-at-home strategy. The goal is to enhance the competitiveness of local industries, ensure long-term sustainability, and meet consumer demand without resorting to cheaper imports.

Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Food Security: Overreliance on imports poses multiple risks, including threats to food security, economic stability, inflation, exchange control, and balance of payment risks. By reducing dependency on imports, Namibia aims to enhance its food security and mitigate the associated economic and financial risks. The proposed legislation aligns with the government’s vision of building a robust and self-sufficient agricultural sector.

Savanna Beef Processors’ Expansion: In a related development, Namibia’s leading beef producer, Savanna Beef Processors (SBP), has announced a third opportunity for cattle producers to purchase shares in the company. SBP aims to increase cattle producers’ ownership of the N$200 million share capital, further strengthening its position in the market. The increased ownership will enhance SBP’s negotiating power with financial institutions and potential investors. SBP has also been engaged in strategic planning, including product labeling and accessing niche markets for primary cuts. Negotiations with international restaurant chains within Namibia have been underway, showcasing the company’s commitment to expanding its market reach.

Promoting Collaboration and Marketing Initiatives: SBP has been in discussions with Meatco since February to establish a marketing initiative that benefits both parties. Under this initiative, SBP will pay farmers directly in exchange for specific cuts of meat for international marketing. Such collaborations between industry players demonstrate the collective effort to promote local products and establish a stronger presence in international markets.

Namibia’s proposed legislative changes demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting local industries, revitalizing the dairy and poultry sectors, and reducing dependency on imports. By fostering a growth-oriented regulatory framework and empowering producers, Namibia aims to enhance its agricultural sector’s competitiveness and ensure long-term food security. The initiatives taken by Savanna Beef Processors further contribute to the expansion of the local beef industry and the exploration of new market opportunities. These combined efforts are poised to revitalize Namibia’s agricultural landscape, promoting economic growth and sustainability.

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