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Unveiling Angola’s Coffee Industry Game-Changer: PiedadeBaptistas Leads the Way to a Java Revolution!

Angola’s coffee industry is about to undergo a remarkable transformation thanks to the efforts of PiedadeBaptistas, a prominent Angolan company. With its plans for expansion and rejuvenation, the company is set to revolutionize the coffee sector by establishing a state-of-the-art coffee processing plant.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Felisberto da Piedade, the director-general of PiedadeBaptistas, expressed the company’s vision to promote, industrialize, and commercialize Arabica coffee culture on both national and international levels. To achieve this goal, the company is investing an initial sum of US$2 million in the construction of a cutting-edge coffee processing plant.

This new facility will serve as a hub for coffee production, encompassing processes such as roasting, grinding, blending, and commercialization. With an impressive projected production capacity of 150 to 200 tons of Arabica coffee, the plant aims to meet the demands of both domestic and international markets, solidifying Angola’s position as a significant player in the global coffee industry.

In an exclusive interview with Jornal de Economia & Financeira, Felisberto da Piedade revealed that the ideal locations for the coffee processing plant are the provinces of Cuanza-Norte and Cuanza-Sul. These regions have been identified as key contributors to the promotion and cultivation of coffee in Angola, making them ideal sites for the company’s ambitious venture.

Currently, the provinces of Uíge, Bengo, Cuanza-Norte e Sul, Malanje, and Cabinda cultivate Robusta Ambriz coffee, while Robusta Amboim thrives in Huambo, Bié, Benguela, Huíla, and the Eastern region. PiedadeBaptistas aims to broaden its scope beyond Arabica coffee and invest in the promotion and transformation of the Robusta coffee crop. The company plans to expand its operations to the province of Uíge, an area that played a vital role in the historical promotion and export of Angolan coffee during the colonial era.

“To contribute to the growth of coffee production in our country, we have selected Uíge province, which boasts a rich heritage in promoting this culture. Additionally, we will extend our project to select regions in the southern part of Angola, known for their favorable conditions for Arabica coffee production,” explained Mr. Piedade.

PiedadeBaptistas is determined to restore Angola’s prominence in the global coffee industry. Felisberto da Piedade emphasized the urgency of their mission, acknowledging that Angola’s coffee is currently sold in limited quantities, and the country is no longer among the top 10 coffee producers worldwide. This project signifies their commitment to meet the demands of the international market and restore Angola’s former glory.

The company has identified key export markets in Europe, Asia, and America, and has established partnerships with countries such as Brazil, Italy, Germany, China, Turkey, France, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. These strategic alliances will facilitate the export of Angolan coffee to various corners of the globe, enhancing its reputation and expanding its reach.

In 2022, Angola exported 641 tons of coffee, generating revenue exceeding one million dollars. With PiedadeBaptistas’ transformative initiatives, Angola is poised to reclaim its position as a major player in the global coffee market, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for the Angolan coffee industry.

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