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Organil Services Can Develop The Organic Standards Of Your Country, Want To Know How?

First Ask yourself the question does your Country have an Organic Standard of its Own?

Developing organic standards for a country is a complex process that involves careful consideration of various factors, stakeholder engagement, and adherence to international guidelines. While Organil Services, as an organic consultancy with Organic experience, can provide guidance and support throughout the process, the actual development of organic standards typically involves collaboration between relevant government agencies, organic farming associations, experts, and other stakeholders.

Here’s a general overview of how Organil Services could contribute to the development of organic standards:

  1. Research and Analysis: Organil Services can conduct in-depth research on existing organic farmers agricultural practices of the country. This research helps identify best practices, potential challenges, indigenous practices and areas where the country’s organic standard Guidelines that can be improved.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Organil Services can facilitate stakeholder consultations and engagement sessions with various parties involved in organic farming and related sectors. This includes farmers, producers, processors, consumers, organic certification bodies, government officials, and other relevant stakeholders. These consultations help gather diverse perspectives, insights, and feedback to ensure the standards are comprehensive, inclusive, and representative of the country’s organic sector.
  3. Drafting and Review: Based on the research findings and stakeholder input, Organil Services can assist in drafting the initial unique version of the organic standards/guidelines. This involves creating a comprehensive document that outlines the requirements, definitions, procedures, and certification processes specific to organic agriculture in the country. The drafted standards are then reviewed by experts, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to ensure accuracy, clarity, and compliance with international guidelines.
  4. Pilot Testing and Validation: Before finalizing the organic standards, Organil Services can help design and implement pilot testing programs. These programs involve selecting a representative sample of farmers and processors to apply the draft standards and provide feedback on their practicality, feasibility, and effectiveness. The pilot testing phase helps identify any potential challenges, gaps, or areas for improvement in the standards.
  5. Revision and Finalization: Based on the feedback from pilot testing and stakeholder review, Organil Services can assist in revising the draft standards to address any identified issues or concerns. The revised version is then shared with stakeholders and the regulatory authorities for further input and final approval. This iterative process continues until a consensus is reached, and the final version of the organic standards is established.
  6. Implementation Support: Once the organic standards are finalized, Organil Services can provide support in implementing and promoting the standards. This may involve conducting training programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns to educate farmers, processors, and other stakeholders about the requirements and benefits of organic certification. They can also assist in developing compliance mechanisms, inspection protocols, and monitoring systems to ensure effective implementation of the standards.

It’s important to note that the specific process for developing organic standards may vary depending on the country and its regulatory framework. The next will be after all the aforesaid stages are over and implemented is framing a Govt based third-party certification body which shall be tuned with Organil Services towards attaining various Organic Accreditation as per respective country (NOP & EU Regulation) for the scope of Farm Production, Processing, Trade & Handling, Input etc making the certification affordable for the citizens of the Country.

Organil Services would adapt its approach accordingly to align with the country’s specific needs, legal requirements, and stakeholder dynamics.

Why should I depend on other Organic Countries Organic Standards or Guidelines when it can be created specifically for my COUNTRY? Africa and other countries are booming potentials with the development of the economy also duly affects Organic Sustainable policy as a Trademark. ORGANIL SERVICES has the expertise to develop or frame your country’s Standards.


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