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Kenya – Nyandarua County, Launches Transformative Dairy and Pyrethrum Improvement Programmes to Boost Farmer Incomes

In a significant move to enhance agricultural productivity and improve farmers’ livelihoods, Nyandarua County has unveiled comprehensive dairy and pyrethrum value chain improvement programmes. These initiatives, spearheaded by Governor Dr. Moses Kiarie Badilisha, aim to revolutionize the county’s agricultural landscape by addressing key challenges and harnessing opportunities in the dairy and pyrethrum sectors.

Transforming the Dairy Sector: A Three-Pronged Approach

The dairy improvement programme is built on a robust three-pronged approach that focuses on animal breeds, animal health management, and feeding and nutrition. To kickstart the initiative, Governor Badilisha flagged off motorcycles and artificial insemination (AI) kits to each of the county’s 25 wards. These kits will be managed by qualified Animal Health Assistants and are set to play a pivotal role in enhancing dairy breeds, improving animal health, and boosting milk yield.

The AI program will be implemented through farmers’ cooperative societies, ensuring widespread access and adoption. Additionally, the county government is distributing super nappier cuttings to farmers, which are expected to significantly improve livestock feeding and nutrition.

Revitalizing Pyrethrum Cultivation: Meeting Global Demand

Once a major cash crop for Nyandarua, pyrethrum is poised for a comeback with the new improvement programme. With rising global demand for organic pesticides and products, the county aims to accelerate the uptake and cultivation of pyrethrum. As part of this effort, the government is distributing pyrethrum seedlings to farmers, fostering a resurgence of this valuable crop.

To ensure the sustainability and success of pyrethrum cultivation, the programme will collaborate with cooperative societies and organized farmers’ groups. This structured approach is designed to provide farmers with the necessary support and resources to thrive in the pyrethrum industry.

Governor Badilisha’s Vision: Transforming Lives

Speaking at the launch event held at Oljororok Stadium, Governor Badilisha emphasized the broader impact of these initiatives. “This is more than transforming the dairy sector or anchoring pyrethrum as an industrial cash crop for the people of Nyandarua,” he stated. “It is about putting money into the pockets of our farmers, it’s about transforming lives.”

Governor Badilisha highlighted that pyrethrum growing offers an alternative source of income for farmers, who have traditionally relied on potato farming, horticulture, and other crops. By diversifying income streams, the county aims to enhance economic resilience and improve the overall quality of life for its agricultural community.

Strategic Implementation and Expected Outcomes

The strategic implementation of these programmes is expected to yield significant benefits for Nyandarua’s agricultural sector. The dairy improvement programme aims to increase milk production and improve the genetic quality of dairy herds, leading to higher productivity and profitability for farmers. Enhanced animal health management practices will reduce disease incidence and improve overall herd health, further boosting dairy outputs.

The pyrethrum initiative, on the other hand, seeks to tap into lucrative global markets for organic pesticides, providing farmers with a high-value cash crop. By working closely with cooperative societies and organized farmers’ groups, the programme aims to build a resilient and sustainable pyrethrum value chain.

A Call to Action: Embracing Change for a Prosperous Future

Nyandarua County’s ambitious dairy and pyrethrum improvement programmes represent a bold step towards agricultural transformation. By addressing key challenges and leveraging opportunities in these sectors, the county is set to unlock new economic potential and improve the livelihoods of its farming communities.

As Governor Badilisha aptly put it, these initiatives are about more than just agriculture—they are about transforming lives and putting money into the pockets of farmers. Through strategic implementation and collaborative efforts, Nyandarua is poised to become a model of agricultural innovation and prosperity.

In conclusion, the launch of these programmes signals a bright future for Nyandarua’s agricultural sector. With a focus on sustainability, productivity, and farmer empowerment, the county is well on its way to achieving significant economic growth and improved quality of life for its residents.

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