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President Ruto’s Bold Move: Sh7.2 Billion Allocated to Counties for Climate Action.

In a resounding commitment to combat climate change, President William Ruto made a historic announcement during the Africa Climate Summit at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on Monday. A staggering Sh7.2 billion was officially allocated to counties as climate change investment grants, marking a pivotal moment in Kenya’s climate action agenda.

Unlocking the Power of Climate Investment

President Ruto’s announcement is a testament to Kenya’s dedication to environmental sustainability and resilience in the face of climate challenges. In addition to the Sh7.2 billion injection, counties will leverage an additional Sh3 billion from their own resources to fuel local climate action initiatives. This financial boost is poised to transform Kenya’s climate landscape, driving meaningful change from the grassroots up.

Agriculture, Water, and Natural Resources in the Spotlight

President Ruto emphasized that this substantial funding would prioritize two critical areas: the agriculture sector and the management of water and natural resources across every county. By focusing on these key sectors, Kenya aims to pave the way for a 100% renewable energy transition, underpinning green industrialization and sustainable economic growth.

Africa’s Clean and Green Potential

In his address, President Ruto underscored the importance of allocating ample resources and deploying cutting-edge technologies to harness Africa’s abundant clean and green natural resources fully. This approach is not just about mitigating climate change but also about unlocking Africa’s untapped potential for prosperity and progress.

A Unified Front Against Climate Crisis

Echoing the sentiment of unity and shared responsibility, Environment, Climate Change, and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya emphasized that the battle against climate change demands collective efforts. The climate crisis knows no boundaries and affects all corners of society. Therefore, collaborative solutions are not only desirable but essential.

In her words, “We need combined efforts in dealing with the climate crisis. If we don’t find solutions, it will crush us all together.”

A Landmark Moment in Climate Action

The Africa Climate Summit, scheduled from September 4th to 6th, opened with President William Ruto’s inspiring address, setting the stage for a conference dedicated to addressing one of the most pressing global challenges of our time. The commitment of Sh7.2 billion to counties signifies Kenya’s dedication to creating a sustainable and resilient future for its citizens and the world. It is a landmark moment in the fight against climate change, and it sends a powerful message that collective action and investment in climate solutions are non-negotiable priorities.

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