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Gabiro Agribusiness Hub: Pioneering Rwanda’s Agricultural Renaissance and Economic Transformation.

In the heart of Eastern Rwanda’s Nyagatare district lies a groundbreaking agricultural endeavor that promises to transform not only local agriculture but also the entire Rwandan economy and food supply. The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub, a visionary joint venture between the Rwandan Government and precision irrigation pioneer Netafim, represents a paradigm shift in farming—a true ‘WeWork’ for agriculture.

Rwanda’s agriculture sector, which contributes significantly to the nation’s GDP, has long grappled with challenges such as erratic rainfall and low productivity. The Gabiro project steps in as a game-changer, converting previously inhospitable land into a ready-to-grow agricultural marvel.

This innovative model, championed by Netafim, not only revolutionizes local farming but also beckons new investments into Rwanda. The Gabiro modular farming facility alleviates the burden of capital expenses associated with water supply, electricity, and infrastructure for growers while granting them access to cutting-edge precision agriculture techniques.

In an era of worsening climate fluctuations, precision agriculture offers Rwandan growers the promise of long-term stability, substantial water savings, increased yields, and enhanced crop quality.

Netafim’s partnership with the Rwandan government has brought the Gabiro Agribusiness Hub to life, and the company’s investment has extended to every aspect of the project. From connecting the land to a water source, laying infrastructure, and installing advanced irrigation systems to offering remote control and monitoring of water transmission systems, Netafim’s commitment to the initiative is unwavering.

Central to this endeavor is the demo farm and dairy, designed to provide practical training and education on the value of precision agriculture. Netafim also pledges ongoing support to growers, aiming to be a long-term partner in delivering in-field irrigation solutions.

As the project expands, so does Netafim’s involvement, with plans to encompass an additional 10,000 hectares and commence commercial farming in Q4, 2023.

For both domestic and foreign investors, the Gabiro Agribusiness Hub represents an opportunity to access high-quality agricultural produce with reduced inputs, from water and fertilizers to labor. Eleven investors have already committed to engage in commercial farming on 4,000 hectares, generating a combined $1.4 million annually in leasing fees.

Netafim’s vision for the Gabiro Hub extends beyond the balance sheet, incorporating a strong community component. Local community members have been involved since the inception of the steering committee and are leasing their land to investors. In the first phase of the project (5,600 hectares), 30% of the land is designated for local communities, stimulating employment, food production, and both financial and food security.

This initiative sets the stage for Rwanda to evolve into a global food exporter, with Gabiro farmers cultivating a diverse array of crops year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Netafim’s drip irrigation solutions offer sustainable stability, delivering 50% water savings, a 100% boost in crop yields, and significantly improved crop quality.

In a region plagued by droughts and floods, Eastern Rwanda stands to benefit immensely from this technological leap forward, countering climate change, land scarcity, and dwindling land fertility. The upgrade in farming infrastructure promises heightened commercial capabilities, increased crop exports, amplified private sector investments, and the assurance of local livelihoods, employment, and food security.

Netafim, the world’s largest precision irrigation company and a global leader in precision agriculture solutions, is committed to addressing the world’s challenges of food, water, and land scarcity. With a history dating back to 1965, Netafim pioneered the drip irrigation revolution, championing precision irrigation solutions in the face of a changing climate. The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub is a testament to their dedication to a food-secure future, offering hope and progress to Rwanda and beyond.

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