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Nigeria and Cuba Forge Agricultural Partnership for Food Security and Prosperity

In a groundbreaking alliance aimed at propelling agriculture to new heights and securing the nation’s food future, Nigeria and Cuba have recently forged a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that symbolizes a historic milestone in their bilateral relations. This monumental partnership, with its epicenter at the Ministry of Agriculture in Cuba, signifies a shared commitment to bolstering food security on both shores.

Bridging Nations Through Agriculture: The signing ceremony, graced by dignitaries from both nations, radiates the unwavering dedication of Nigeria and Cuba to the vital cause of food security. This endeavor, dubbed an “Expression of Interest” by Olusola Abiola, Director of Information at the Office of the Vice President, promises to revolutionize agriculture and foster an enduring collaboration between the two nations.

A Shared Vision: During a preliminary meeting preceding the MOU signing, Senator Kyari, a key Nigerian representative, lauded the Cuban government for its willingness to join forces with Nigeria. He underscored the shared vision that both nations hold for their people, emphasizing the profound gratitude for Cuba’s invaluable insights into Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

Unlocking Nigeria’s Agricultural Potential: Senator Kyari passionately articulated Nigeria’s unparalleled demographic advantage, vast land resources, and immense agricultural potential. He drew a direct line between these assets and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s visionary agenda for food and nutrition security. It is this vision that has transformed the Ministry of Agriculture into the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

The Path to Agricultural Excellence: In extending an olive branch to their Cuban counterparts, Senator Kyari pinpointed key areas of collaboration. These include bio-fortification of agricultural produce, the enhancement of agricultural seeds and seedlings, agricultural mechanization, and the infusion of cutting-edge technologies to boost yields while curbing post-harvest losses.

Diverse Agricultural Horizons: The partnership also casts its gaze over vital sectors such as poultry, livestock, and fisheries, underscoring Nigeria’s fervent interest in joining hands with Cuba. Joint ventures in veterinary medicine, vaccine development, artificial insemination, and the advancement of pastures and ranching are critical steps toward resolving challenges associated with open grazing of cattle.

Building a Knowledge Bridge: Education, capacity building, and the transfer of knowledge emerge as pivotal pillars in fortifying a thriving agricultural economy. This collaborative venture is committed to nurturing a new generation of agribusiness leaders and empowering existing ones.

Cuba’s Agricultural Expertise: On the Cuban front, Minister of Agriculture Ydael Jesus Perez Brito, who endorsed the MOU, showcased Cuba’s agricultural prowess. With over 500,000 hectares under cultivation, Cuba is a global heavyweight in the export of tobacco, coffee, honey, and other commodities.

A Promise of Impactful Cooperation: Mr. Brito, radiating enthusiasm about collaborating with Nigeria, pledged meaningful cooperation across the domains outlined in the MOU. He shed light on Cuba’s reservoir of agricultural expertise and the numerous success stories that have substantially boosted productivity.

Towards a Food Secure Future: With Cuba’s treasure trove of experience and Nigeria’s vast potential, this partnership holds the promise of revolutionizing agriculture and ensuring food security for millions. As the ink dries on this MOU, the world watches with bated breath as Nigeria and Cuba embark on an ambitious journey to transform agriculture into a beacon of prosperity and abundance for both nations.

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