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260 Brands Shines Bright: African Food Awards 2023 Crowns Their Corn and Soya Products as the Ultimate Champions!

In a momentous achievement, Zambian processor of Corn and Soya based consumer products, 260 Brands, has proudly announced the recognition of two of its exceptional products at the prestigious Africa Food Awards 2023. Seba instant Thobwa, a High Energy Protein Supplement, and Nutramilk, a plant-based milk alternative, have been crowned as the New Products of the Year, solidifying 260 Brands’ commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality food solutions in the African market. This remarkable accomplishment has also earned the company the title of Rising Star African Food Company of the Year, signifying its unwavering dedication to excellence and positive impact on the African food industry.

A Commitment to Innovation and Sustainable Nutrition:

Gaurav Vijayvargiya, the CEO of 260 Brands, expressed immense pride in the company’s achievements and emphasized their commitment to innovation and providing nutritious, sustainable food options to consumers. The recognition of Seba instant Thobwa and Nutramilk as New Products of the Year underscores their dedication to developing groundbreaking food solutions that are not only of the highest quality but also readily accessible for consumers.

Acknowledging the Team Effort:

Vijayvargiya acknowledged the invaluable contribution of the entire 260 Brands team, recognizing their exceptional efforts, expertise, and collaborative spirit. He emphasized that these remarkable accomplishments would not have been possible without the collective dedication of each team member. Their unwavering commitment and passion have been instrumental in driving the company’s success and realizing its vision.

Gratitude to Stakeholders:

The CEO expressed gratitude to the Africa Food Awards organizers for acknowledging and appreciating 260 Brands’ contributions to the food industry. He also extended his gratitude to the company’s customers, partners, and stakeholders for their continuous support and trust in the brand. This recognition serves as an inspiration for the company to continue pushing boundaries, raising the bar, and making a positive impact in the African food industry.

Acknowledgment from the Africa Food Awards Organizer:

Francis Juma, founder and CEO of FW Africa and the organizer of the Africa Food Awards, praised the remarkable work done by 260 Brands and Gaurav Vijayvargiya. He acknowledged their innovation and investment in the food and agro-industry supply chains, expressing pride in celebrating their achievements at the awards ceremony.

A Legacy of Vibrancy and Innovation:

With over two decades of operation, 260 Brands has become synonymous with vibrancy, freedom, and innovation. Inspired by local tastes and made from locally sourced ingredients, their high-quality consumer products allow Africa’s people to experience the essence of the good life. As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary, this recognition at the Africa Food Awards further solidifies their position as a leader in the African food industry.

The Africa Food Awards 2023 has brought well-deserved recognition to 260 Brands for their outstanding contributions to the African food industry. The crowning of Seba instant Thobwa and Nutramilk as New Products of the Year showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and their commitment to providing nutritious and sustainable food options. This achievement, coupled with the Rising Star African Food Company of the Year title, highlights their excellence and positive impact in the industry. As 260 Brands continues to expand its product range and make strides in the market, their commitment to delivering exceptional products and driving the advancement of the African food industry remains unwavering.

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