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Zimbabwe’s Live Poultry Exports Skyrocket by 20%, Boosting Agricultural Prosperity to US$1 Million

Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector is experiencing a remarkable resurgence, fueled by a 20% surge in live poultry exports, raking in a staggering US$1 million during the first half of this year. This uplifting news, unveiled by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStats), signals a promising upswing in the country’s poultry industry, marking a significant milestone in Zimbabwe’s agricultural landscape.

The Soaring Growth:

Intriguingly, the statistics shared by ZimStats showcase the live poultry exports’ meteoric rise, with earnings skyrocketing to US$1.04 million from January to June this year. This substantial increase contrasts starkly with the US$870,532 recorded during the corresponding period last year, underscoring a robust upward trajectory.

More Than Numbers:

Beyond the numbers, the actual mass of live poultry exports has also seen a commendable 9% increase, surging from 20,624 kilograms to an impressive 22,437 kilograms. Even more impressive is the 10% surge in the average price per kilogram, leaping from US$42 to US$47. These figures encapsulate not just growth but the flourishing quality and demand for Zimbabwean poultry products on the international stage.

A Dual Approach:

One of the key insights into Zimbabwe’s live poultry exports is the distinction made by Dr. Reneth Mano, the administrator of the Livestock and Meat Advisory Council (LMAC). These exports are categorized into two groups: poultry weighing more or less than 185 grams. Those weighing less than 185 grams primarily consist of parent breeder chicks, predominantly exported by Irvine’s Zimbabwe.

Irvine’s Zimbabwe’s Crucial Role:

Irvine’s Zimbabwe holds the exclusive franchise for Cobb 500 parent stock genetics, supplying parent chicks to breeder companies in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region. Mr. David Irvine, Chief Executive of Irvine’s Zimbabwe, proudly acknowledges their pivotal role in poultry exports, stating, “We export layer pullet chicks for egg-laying, mainly to Mozambique, although specific quantities are not available. Additionally, we export broiler parents to countries within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).”

A Vision Realized:

This robust growth in live poultry exports perfectly aligns with the Zimbabwean government’s strategic Livestock Recovery and Growth Plan (2021-2026), which received approval in 2020. The plan, designed to implement robust interventions to enhance livestock production and productivity, lays a solid foundation for the livestock sector to play a prominent role in improving farmers’ livelihoods and supplying essential raw materials for agriculture-led industrial development.

As Zimbabwe’s live poultry exports continue to soar, there’s a palpable sense of optimism in the country’s agricultural sector. With such impressive growth, the nation’s self-sufficiency and prosperity are steadily taking flight. This remarkable journey, marked by the persistent dedication of industry players and the vision of a forward-thinking government, paints a bright future for Zimbabwe’s poultry industry and its role in bolstering the nation’s economic growth. The success story of Zimbabwe’s live poultry exports serves as a beacon of hope for its agricultural landscape and beyond.

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