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Uganda’s MUZARDI Introduces High-Yield Indigenous Chicken Breed

Amidst the rolling landscapes of Uganda, a groundbreaking innovation is poised to redefine the poultry farming landscape. The Mukono Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MUZARDI) proudly unveils its latest triumph: an enhanced indigenous chicken breed engineered to elevate yields and bolster the fortunes of poultry farmers across the nation. This transformative endeavor, backed by meticulous crossbreeding efforts and government sponsorship, heralds a new era of prosperity and sustainability in Uganda’s poultry industry.

Unveiling the Game-Changer:

Developed through rigorous crossbreeding endeavors, the new indigenous chicken breed from MUZARDI represents a paradigm shift in poultry farming dynamics. Unlike their unimproved counterparts, which typically yield fewer than 80 eggs annually, these enhanced breeds have the potential to produce up to an astounding 200 eggs per year. Moreover, their accelerated egg-laying capabilities, commencing production as early as five months of age, underscore the breed’s unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

A Testament to Resilience and Adaptability:

Henry Mulindwa, the Principal Research Officer at MUZARDI, extols the resilience and adaptability of the new breed. Not only are they resilient to diseases, but they also exhibit remarkable adaptability to homemade feed rations. Additionally, these chickens demonstrate impressive weight gains by five months of age, further enhancing their appeal to poultry farmers seeking to optimize efficiency and profitability.

Government Sponsorship and Collaborative Endeavors:

The fruition of this groundbreaking initiative is the result of concerted efforts between the Ugandan government, the European Union, and MUZARDI. Spearheaded by the National Agriculture Research Organization (NARO), the project received significant funding through the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU). Launched in September 2023 by agriculture state minister Robert Bwino Kyakulaga, this collaborative endeavor underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to agricultural innovation and rural development.

Empowering Rural Households:

Barbara Zawedde, the Research Director at MUZARDI, elucidates on the project’s overarching goal of assisting rural households in transitioning to commercial poultry farming practices. With an investment of UGX 697 million (US$ 180,606), primarily allocated towards remodeling and equipping local chicken hatcheries, the project aims to empower farmers with the resources and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive poultry market.

Seizing Opportunities for Growth:

Timothy Nsubuga, the general manager of Kenchic Uganda, underscores the burgeoning opportunities within Uganda’s poultry market. With projections indicating a significant uptick in poultry production, there exists a ripe opportunity for expansion and prosperity. The introduction of the enhanced indigenous chicken breed from MUZARDI aligns perfectly with this trajectory, offering farmers a cost-effective means to capitalize on market demand and maximize their incomes.


As Uganda’s poultry industry charts a course towards unprecedented growth and innovation, MUZARDI’s introduction of the enhanced indigenous chicken breed stands as a beacon of hope and progress. Armed with resilience, adaptability, and unrivaled productivity, these chickens hold the key to unlocking a future of prosperity for poultry farmers across the nation. As Uganda embraces this transformative leap forward, the stage is set for a poultry revolution that promises to uplift livelihoods, stimulate economic growth, and secure a brighter future for generations to come.

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