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Uganda: Atiak Sugar’s Technological Leap to Safeguard Crops and Supercharge Sugar Production

In the heart of Uganda, Atiak Sugar, a trailblazing force in the nation’s sugar industry, is ushering in a new era of agricultural innovation. With a vision to curtail devastating fire outbreaks and amplify sugar production, Atiak Sugar has made a groundbreaking investment in cutting-edge irrigation technology, marking a significant leap towards sustainable farming practices and economic growth.

Harnessing Technology to Safeguard Against Fires

Over the years, the sugar industry in Uganda has been plagued by the scourge of wildfires during the dry season. These fires have ravaged thousands of hectares of precious sugar plantations, causing substantial losses. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, Atiak Sugar has taken proactive measures to combat this formidable challenge.

Mr. Bunty Seeruttun, the Director of Agriculture at Horyal Investment Holding Company, the parent company of Atiak Sugar, announced this groundbreaking development. The cornerstone of this initiative is the implementation of an internet-enabled irrigation system, designed not only to protect against fires but also to revolutionize the way Atiak Sugar cultivates its sugar cane.

“This innovative system will serve as a formidable defense against fires,” remarked Mr. Seeruttun. “With just a click of a button, we can activate our state-of-the-art center-pivot irrigation, augmented by an automated pipe network and a vigilant 24-hour surveillance system.”

Fires Mitigated, Harvests Amplified

While the primary objective of the internet-enabled irrigation system is to combat fires, its potential doesn’t stop there. It promises to be a game-changer for Atiak Sugar’s irrigation needs, fostering greater cane harvests during the dry season. This advancement is poised to slash the crop cycle from a lengthy 18 months down to a mere year, a remarkable leap forward for efficiency and sustainability.

As Mr. Seeruttun elaborated, “This system isn’t just about safeguarding against fires. It’s about optimizing our entire cultivation process, ensuring that we meet our production goals efficiently and responsibly.”

A Remarkable Turnaround and a Vision for the Future

Atiak Sugar’s journey towards agricultural innovation hasn’t been without its challenges. Following the acquisition of Crane Bank, a major creditor in 2017, the company faced financial difficulties. It was only through the partnership with the Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) that Atiak Sugar found the support needed to regain its footing.

Through UDC’s investment of Shs80 billion and the issuance of eight million preferential shares, Atiak Sugar has been able to bolster its operations, construct a new factory, and provide essential staff accommodations. Mohamud Ahmed, Atiak Sugar’s Director of Planning and Business Development, emphasized that these additional resources are aimed at ensuring long-term sustainability.

“These resources are instrumental in making our project sustainable,” he emphasized. “Our focus is not solely on completing the factory; it’s on securing a prosperous future for our community and our nation.”

Atiak Sugar is also committed to repaying its loan to UDC once the factory starts generating income, underlining its dedication to fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth.

As 2024 looms on the horizon, Horale Foundation, which holds a 60% stake in Atiak Sugar, remains unwavering in its optimism. With nearly half of the equipment already installed, the company is poised to begin sugar production for both local consumption and export. Atiak Sugar’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future in Uganda’s sugar industry.

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