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Seeding Growth and Heritage: Kakuzi’s Landmark Livestock Export Spurs Diversification.

In a groundbreaking move that signifies growth, innovation, and strategic diversification, Kakuzi Plc, a renowned player in the agribusiness sector, has orchestrated a momentous milestone – the inauguration of livestock exports to Uganda. This pioneering endeavor involves the delivery of 181 Boran breeding heifers, a venture that holds promise not only for Kakuzi’s business expansion but also for bolstering the rich heritage of this breed on the soil of the “Pearl of Africa.”

Diversification has emerged as the cornerstone of Kakuzi’s growth strategy, and this landmark export serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to exploring new avenues for revenue generation. Valued at Kes13.5 million, this inaugural delivery of Boran breeding heifers is poised to mark the beginning of a transformative journey for both Kakuzi and the Ugandan livestock industry.

A Steer towards Success: The Birth of a Boran Herd

The 181 Boran breeding heifers, aged between 30-36 months, are set to embark on a vital role in Uganda’s agricultural landscape. These heifers are destined for breeding at Mpala Farm, a sanctuary of agricultural progress that is pioneering the introduction of a Boran herd. This stride not only signifies Kakuzi’s contribution to livestock enhancement in Uganda but also augments the strategic diversification blueprint that lies at the heart of the company’s vision.

Karatina Ole Nchoki, Kakuzi’s Livestock Manager, affirms the significance of this endeavor, expressing that “the export of these Kakuzi Boran heifers to Uganda will undoubtedly boost the rich heritage of this breed further afield in the Pearl of Africa and is part of Kakuzi’s business diversification strategy.”

Cultivating Diversification: Kakuzi’s Pursuit of Value and Growth

Chris Flowers, the Managing Director of Kakuzi Plc, exudes confidence in the trajectory set by the company. He elucidates that this diversification initiative aligns with Kakuzi’s strategy to unlock added value from its varied investments – be it commercial forestry, macadamia, avocado, blueberry, tea, or livestock. This export undertaking comes as a result of the resurgence of Kakuzi’s livestock operations after enduring the challenges posed by recent droughts.

Sales of Kakuzi beef cuts have begun gaining momentum, fueled by escalating demand in both the retail and the Hotel/Restaurant/Catering (HoReCa) sector. Additionally, Kakuzi’s foresight in the goat meat sector has led to the branding of the venture as KABUZI, poised to catalyze growth with initial sales scheduled for the latter half of this year.

A Blueprint for Success: Unveiling Kakuzi’s New Identity

Notably, Kakuzi’s strategic evolution goes beyond livestock exports. The company recently unveiled a new corporate identity that mirrors its unwavering commitment to agricultural advancement for both domestic and export markets. This identity, rooted in sustainability and climate-smart agriculture, marks Kakuzi’s embrace of contemporary agricultural paradigms.

Intrinsically linked to this rebranding is the elevation of Kakuzi’s agricultural portfolio to the domain of superfoods, catering to the demands of both domestic and export markets. The company’s dedication to producing such high-value foods underscores its alignment with national agricultural transformation agendas.

Culmination in Consumer Delight: Kakuzi’s Range of Private-Label Products

Furthermore, Kakuzi’s metamorphosis encompasses the launch of an array of private-label consumer products that were meticulously developed over two years for the domestic market. These products span ready-to-eat macadamia, gluten-free macadamia flour, and cold-pressed macadamia oil. Each of these offerings emerges as a testament to Kakuzi’s dedication to research and development (R&D), ultimately culminating in products that are set to captivate the local market progressively.

In summation, Kakuzi Plc’s initiation of livestock exports to Uganda with 181 Boran breeding heifers is not merely a transaction; it’s a strategic move that encapsulates the company’s commitment to growth, diversification, and excellence. As Kakuzi unlocks new horizons, its journey remains guided by innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of value – values that resonate in every Boran heifer, every superfood, and every step towards agricultural transformation.

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