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Private Sector Joins Forces with UCDA to Propel Uganda to World Coffee Excellence

In the lush landscapes of Uganda, a visionary coalition of private sector champions, united under the banner of the Uganda National Coffee Forum-Uganda, is poised to redefine the nation’s coffee legacy. Their mission: to transform Uganda’s coffee into a global phenomenon renowned for its quality, value addition, and irresistibility. This dynamic collaboration with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) aims to overhaul the entire coffee value chain, securing Uganda’s position as a coffee superpower while elevating the livelihoods of its dedicated farmers.

The Rising Star: Uganda’s Coffee Industry:

As Uganda embraces a wave of opportunities, its coffee industry stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. Dr. Emmanuel Iyamulemye, the Managing Director of UCDA, acknowledges the resurgent interest in coffee, recognizing it as a lucrative treasure trove. Coffee, he notes, ranks second in global trade commodities, a testament to its immense profitability.

“If we are to unlock our full potential,” he declares, “we must prioritize the production of high-quality coffee.”

Quality: The Keystone to Success:

Quality is the cornerstone upon which Uganda’s coffee renaissance is built, spanning every facet of production from seed to sip. Dr. Iyamulemye vehemently warns against shortcuts, citing instances where traders compromised by harvesting immature coffee cherries. He emphasizes that when Ugandan coffee crosses international borders, it symbolizes the nation as a whole, not just individual farmers or companies.

Dr. Iyamulemye issues a call to action, imploring traders and exporters to honor their contractual commitments, safeguarding the pristine reputation of Ugandan coffee.

“I am confident that Uganda has the potential to become the world’s leading producer of quality coffee,” he declares with conviction. Recent accolades in international competitions, such as the ‘Coffees Roasted At Origin’ Competition in Paris, France, where Uganda secured the third position, bear testament to this potential. Thirteen Ugandan coffee brands outshone nearly 200 exceptional coffees from 25 countries across four continents.

Inclusivity and Collaboration:

Eng. Francis Wakabi, a farmer and representative from the National Coffee Forum-Uganda, lauds the forum’s all-encompassing approach, which brings together every stakeholder in the coffee sub-sector.

“Their primary goal is to provide solutions that enhance productivity and quality, ensuring better prices for coffee producers,” he enthuses.

Wakabi underscores the forum’s unwavering commitment to partnering closely with UCDA and other development partners, with an unwavering focus on quality, quantity, and price. Formalization efforts for the forum, which currently boasts over 500 members, are already in motion.

Furthermore, Wakabi highlights the forum’s grassroots efforts, organizing on-farm training sessions with an impressive turnout, particularly in regions where the need for information on coffee agronomy is most acute.

The stage is set, the coffee cherries ripe for harvest, and Uganda’s ascent to coffee greatness is underway. With private sector leaders and the UCDA working hand-in-hand, Uganda’s coffee industry is destined to shine on the global stage. As they champion quality, quantity, and price, the nation’s coffee farmers, traders, and enthusiasts are united in their quest to elevate Uganda’s coffee to world-class status. The future brews with promise, and the world watches eagerly as Uganda’s coffee story unfolds.

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