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Growing Cabbage in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Section 1: Cabbage Cultivars Cabbage cultivars, integral to a successful cabbage cultivation venture, are meticulously classified based on essential attributes such as head size, shape, leaf characteristics, color, and the crucial factor of time to maturity. The adoption of F1 hybrids is highly recommended, owing to their exceptional qualities like uniformity, compactness, high yield, and superior attributes compared to traditional cultivars. Notable varieties for cultivation in Zimbabwe and Zambia are segmented into maturity categories: Early Maturity: Star 3301: Known for its rapid growth and consistent yield. Hercules: Recognized for its robustness and adaptability. Marcanta F1 Hybrid: A hybrid boasting resilience and premium quality. Rotan F1 Hybrid: Renowned for its adaptability and disease resistance. Star 3311 F1 Hybrid: Notable for uniformity and high yield. Golden Acre: A classic variety with a reputation for…

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