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Namibia’s Livestock Triumph: Soaring Beef and Sheep Exports Set the Stage for Global Recognition in Q3 2023

In a resounding testament to Namibia’s prowess in the global livestock arena, the Meat Board of Namibia recently revealed that the country’s beef exports soared to new heights during the third quarter of 2023. The surge in performance was nothing short of spectacular, with export abattoirs doubling their quarterly output compared to the same period in 2022.

Beefing Up the Numbers

The numbers speak volumes. According to the Meat Board’s comprehensive review, a remarkable 91,154 cattle were marketed in Q3 2023, signaling a staggering 52.03% increase from the 59,957 cattle marketed in the corresponding period last year. The driving force behind this remarkable growth was the intensified slaughtering activities at export-approved abattoirs.

During this period, these facilities processed a whopping 34,398 head of cattle, while an additional 5,066 were marketed at Meat Board-registered B- and C-class abattoirs. A notable revelation from the Meat Board’s management highlighted that an overwhelming 99.1% of live cattle were exported, with the majority (51,206 out of 51,690) making their way to South Africa, underscoring Namibia’s strategic position in the Southern African Development Community.

Sheep Soar to New Heights

The buoyancy in Namibia’s livestock industry didn’t stop at cattle. Sheep, too, witnessed a remarkable surge, boasting a growth of 60.94% in the total number marketed during Q3 2023. The figures climbed from 118,569 in 2022 to an impressive 190,825 in 2023. The driving forces behind this surge were increased live exports to South Africa and heightened slaughtering activities at export-approved abattoirs.

A staggering 78.7% of the total sheep marketed, amounting to 150,175, made their way to South Africa, reinforcing Namibia’s role as a key player in the international red meat and beef export market.

Piggybacking on Success

While pigs witnessed a slight dip in numbers, with a 4.23% decrease in the third quarter of 2023, the overall picture remains one of resilience and growth. A total of 11,020 pigs were slaughtered at Meat Board-approved abattoirs during this period.

Grazing Ahead: Goat and Global Triumph

Namibia’s goats also made their mark, with a total of 46,807 goats marketed in Q3 2023, contributing to a robust year-to-date marketing figure of 104,824 goats. Thinus Pretorius, Chairman of the Namibia Agricultural Union, proudly declared Namibia as a net exporter of red meat and beef. The country’s red meat prowess extends globally, with exports reaching destinations such as the US, Scandinavia, China, and Norway.

A Symphony of Success in Namibia’s Livestock Landscape

Namibia’s livestock industry, as illustrated by the stellar performance in the third quarter of 2023, is not merely thriving but orchestrating a symphony of success. The surge in beef, sheep, and goat exports showcases the nation’s commitment to excellence in the global market. As Namibia continues to carve its niche as a red meat powerhouse, the world watches in anticipation of what the next act will bring for this African gem on the global stage.

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