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Managing Abscesses in Goats: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment.

Goats are prone to various diseases, one of which is abscesses, commonly known as “Amathumba” in some African countries. An abscess is a bacterial infection that causes a painful, red, and hot swelling on the goat’s skin. It can occur if a thorn or tick breaks the skin and allows bacteria to enter the wound. Good hygiene practices and controlling excess ticks can help prevent the occurrence of abscesses in goats. If left untreated, abscesses can become severe and even lead to death. In this context, we will discuss the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of abscesses in goats.

Disease NameAbscesses (Amathumba)
Symptoms– Swelling, hot, red, and painful.
– Bacterial infection caused by thorn or tick breaking the skin.
Prevention– Control excess ticks and maintain general hygiene.
– Cull animals with severe or frequent abscesses.
Treatment– Open and drain the abscess when a yellow spot appears or it softens.
– Cut a cross over the soft spot with a boiled razor blade.
– Syringe warm water with salt or iodine into the wound.
– Spray wound daily with Woundsept Plus.
– Keep the wound open and flush daily with warm salt water to remove the pus.
– Use gloves and boil razor blade before use.
– Inject antibiotics to aid recovery.

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