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Heartwater Disease in Goats: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment.

As a goat farmer, it is important to be aware of common diseases that can affect your goats and take the necessary measures to prevent and treat them. One such disease that can have serious consequences for your goats is Heartwater. This disease is transmitted by Bont ticks and can result in death within 24 hours if not treated early. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of Heartwater in goats, along with some useful tips for farmers to keep their goats healthy and safe. By following the guidelines provided in this article, you can protect your goats from this deadly disease and ensure their well-being.

High temperature, high-stepping jerky gait, shivering, walking in circles, paddling movements with legs and head pulled backward.Maintain animals’ immunity by keeping a small number of ticks on the animals all the time, dip when there are visibly many ticks on the goats, and grow goats in heartwater areas.Treat early with short-acting Terramycin or Doxycycline for 3 days (intravenous injection preferred), dosage rates vary for adults and kids.
Excessive fluid in the heart sac, lungs, chest cavity, and abdominal cavity in dead animals.Dip dead animals to kill ticks and prevent the further spread of infection.Vaccination is possible but complicated and expensive, consult with a veterinarian.
Blocking: Treat young goats with a dose of long-acting antibiotic when they will be exposed to ticks to prevent Heartwater outbreaks.

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