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Liberia’s US$26 Million Investment Sparks Transformation in Poultry Sector with Agro-Industrial Complex.

The government of Liberia has made a substantial investment of US$26 million to construct an agro-industrial poultry complex, aiming to revitalize the poultry sector in the country. The project, spearheaded by President Weah, seeks to enhance the agriculture industry by establishing an integrated egg farm complete with a feed mill, egg packing station, workshop center, and other essential units.

The investment consists of two key components: the Export Credit Facility Agreement amounting to EUR 21,558,226 and the Down Payment Facility Agreement valued at EUR 4,520,643. President Weah is optimistic that the agreement will be ratified by the legislature, as it holds significant potential for improving food security and generating employment opportunities for the people of Liberia.

The agreements were formally signed between the Republic of Liberia, represented by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, and arranged by Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M., with the latter acting as an agent. This financial collaboration highlights the government’s commitment to supporting local poultry farmers and reducing the country’s reliance on imported poultry products.

Joseph N. Kodah, the administrator of Liberia’s Poultry Farmers Association, emphasizes the importance of empowering local farmers to mitigate the high volume of poultry imports. Liberia currently depends heavily on foreign countries for its poultry supply, while facing challenges such as limited access to feed, drugs, and veterinary services. The development of the poultry industry presents a significant opportunity to generate revenue for small-scale farmers; however, several constraints hinder its progress, including the lack of feed, high medicine costs, inadequate farm equipment, and limited access to loans.

In 2021, Liberia imported poultry products worth $43.8 million, making it the 86th largest importer of poultry meat globally. Poultry meat was the 11th most imported product in Liberia during the same year, with major sources including Poland, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Russia.

Earlier this year, President Weah implemented the suspension of import tariffs on agriculture products and materials, immediately impacting the country. Notable exemptions included live cattle for breeding, live pigs for breeding, live sheep and goats for breeding, and live fish for breeding. These measures signify the government’s commitment to bolstering the agricultural sector and promoting self-sufficiency in food production.

The construction of the agro-industrial poultry complex in Liberia represents a significant stride towards revitalizing the poultry sector and supporting local farmers. With the government’s investment and focus on empowering the industry, Liberia is poised to enhance its food security, reduce reliance on imports, and foster economic growth in the agricultural sector.

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