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KFC and Nyandarua County Join Forces to Cultivate Quality Potatoes Locally

In a significant move towards promoting local agriculture and ensuring quality in their products, KFC has joined forces with the Nyandarua County government and farmers to source quality-approved potatoes for their outlets. This partnership, forged in a meeting between KFC, Governor Dr. Moses Kiarie Badilisha, and Principal Secretary MSMES Hon. Susan Mang’eni, marks a pivotal moment for both the fast-food giant and the local agricultural community.

Under this collaboration, KFC will incorporate the renowned Shangi potato variety, primarily cultivated in Nyandarua, along with the emerging Markies variety into their supply chain. Furthermore, discussions are underway regarding the possibility of integrating poultry farmers into the network to eventually provide a local source of chicken for the food processor.

KFC’s demand for potatoes in Kenya stands at a substantial 350 tons per month, with an additional 120 tons earmarked for export to Rwanda. Historically, a significant portion of these potatoes has been imported from Egypt and Europe, a practice Governor Badilisha vehemently decried as unacceptable, given the untapped potential within Nyandarua and the country at large.

In Governor Badilisha’s words, “Let’s collaborate with our local farmers. We are ready to invest in ensuring our potatoes meet the required standards and pass all quality tests. There’s no need for further imports when our farmers possess the capacity and require only information and partnerships to thrive.”

As part of the partnership, a delegation also visited the Ol’Kalou potatoes cold storage facility, where discussions centered on expediting its full operationalization. This move signals not only a boost for local potato farmers but also a step towards enhancing food security and promoting sustainable agriculture in Nyandarua County. KFC’s commitment to sourcing locally aligns with broader efforts to strengthen the agricultural value chain and support local communities while delivering top-quality products to their customers.

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