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Harnessing Nature’s Bounty: Woman Rep Urges State to Make the Most of El Nino Rains

El Nino, the meteorological phenomenon known for bringing welcome rains but also posing potential risks, is set to grace Kenya from October to December 2023. In light of this impending natural event, Kisii Woman Rep Dorice Donya has stepped forward with a fervent plea to the government: let’s not only brace ourselves but also seize the opportunity it presents.

A Call for Proactive Measures

On the floor of the House, Donya passionately implored the government to take the lead in leveraging El Nino’s arrival. She emphasized the need for clear, early action plans to mitigate its potentially devastating impacts on high-risk communities. These action plans should encompass emergency relief, the support and protection of citizens, and a focus on harnessing excess rainwater to bolster long-term drought mitigation measures.

Strategies for the Future

Donya’s vision extends beyond the immediate relief of El Nino. She urged the government to develop and implement strategies for the judicious use of the excess rainwater. By channeling this abundant resource into agriculture and afforestation programs, we can sow the seeds for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Timely Information is Key

Crucially, Donya stressed the importance of early warning systems and accessible information for vulnerable communities. Ensuring that these communities have timely access to information and are sensitized to the best-preparedness measures is vital. Knowledge is power, especially when facing the unpredictable forces of nature.

History as a Teacher

Donya’s concerns are grounded in history. The devastating impact of El Nino during the last phenomenon in 1997 and 1998 serves as a stark reminder of its potential havoc. Flash floods, landslides, building collapses, loss of lives, and food insecurity were the grim consequences. The scars of this history compel us to act responsibly and proactively.

Capitalizing on El Nino

While El Nino might bring relief to farmers who have grappled with prolonged drought, Donya warns that without adequate preparedness, it could swiftly turn into a disaster. Therefore, she underscores the urgent need for the country to implement measures to mitigate the potentially destructive effects of heavy rains. By doing so, Kenya can make the most of this El Nino episode and finally address the persistent issue of drought in the country.

A Timely Reminder

The Meteorological Department’s prediction of above-average rainfall from October to December 2023 is a timely reminder that nature’s gifts come with responsibilities. El Nino’s arrival is a call to action, urging the government, communities, and individuals to work together to harness its potential and safeguard our nation.

Several counties have already taken the initiative to prepare for the arrival of El Nino, showing that Donya’s call is being heeded. From purchasing boats to forming environmental teams, they are taking proactive steps to ensure their readiness.

As we face this climatic phenomenon, let’s heed Dorice Donya’s call and transform the impending El Nino rains into an opportunity for progress, resilience, and a brighter future for Kenya.