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Ghana Takes Action to Reclaim Encroached Lands for Prosperity

In a bold move to reinvigorate the agricultural landscape, Mr. Bryan Acheampong, the Minister of Food and Agriculture, has taken decisive action by inaugurating a nine-member committee tasked with the crucial mission of taking stock of agricultural lands nationwide and restoring them to their intended purpose of commercial agriculture and research.

Unearthing the Encroachment Issue

The primary objective of this committee is to conduct a comprehensive investigation into encroached agricultural lands, meticulously identifying the encroachers and delivering a comprehensive report within a span of three months. However, their role extends far beyond mere identification; they are also entrusted with devising a fitting deterrent and remedial action plan to counteract and rectify the encroachment menace.

Agriculture’s Integral Role in National Development

During a brief inauguration ceremony in Accra, Mr. Acheampong emphasized the pivotal role this initiative will play in the forthcoming launch of “Planting for Food and Jobs” (PFJ) Phase II. This visionary project underscores the government’s commitment to revolutionizing agriculture for the betterment of the nation.

Dedicated Minds Leading the Charge

The committee, led by Mr. Julius Opoku Agyei, comprises a team of dedicated individuals including Mr. Andy Appiah-Kubi, Peter Antwi, Nana Yaa Nortey, Winfred Kuma Apaw, Mr. William Arthur, Paul Siameh, and Mr. Clemence Gyato. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, poised to tackle the encroachment issue head-on.

Protecting the Future of Agriculture

Mr. Acheampong expressed deep concern over the encroachment of lands designated for agricultural activities, which includes breeding centers, training institutions, state farms, research stations, and mechanization centers. These encroachments have, regrettably, hindered the government’s relentless efforts to promote agricultural development.

“These lands were acquired through Executive Instruments or voluntary releases by traditional authorities to support agriculture,” Mr. Acheampong revealed. “We cannot allow this valuable resource to go to waste when it can be repurposed for productive use, contrary to what some may believe.”

A Pledge of Commitment

In response to this noble initiative, Mr. Julius Opoku Agyei, the committee’s chairman, expressed gratitude to the Minister for the opportunity to serve and reaffirmed the committee’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling its mandate.

A Glimpse into the Future

This month marks the unveiling of PFJ Phase II, a transformative project with a focus on cooperative farming. Under this initiative, inputs will be distributed through aggregators to nuclear farmer groups, representing a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture and national development.

In conclusion, the government’s resolute action to reclaim encroached agricultural lands signifies a pivotal moment in the nation’s agricultural journey. With a dedicated committee at the helm and the impending launch of PFJ Phase II, the future of agriculture in the country is poised for a vibrant revival. As these efforts gain momentum, it is clear that agriculture will continue to stand as a cornerstone of progress, prosperity, and sustainable development in Ghana.

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