Empowering Farmers through Knowledge

Empowering Namibian Farmers: KfW’s N$23.8 Million Livestock Center Funding Unveils a Bright Future.

In a transformative stride towards empowering Namibian farmers, a state-of-the-art livestock center and farmers market, worth nearly N$24 million, have emerged in the heart of the Omusati Region. This remarkable infrastructure development spanning 40,000 hectares at Amarika has been handed over to a consortium of 122 farmers, standing as a testament to collaboration between the European Union (EU), the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW Development Bank, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform. With a resounding investment of N$23.8 million, this initiative heralds a new era of progress for communal farmers, poised to uplift their lives and communities.

Empowering Lives, Elevating Livelihoods

Agriculture Minister Calle Schlettwein inaugurated the visionary facilities, marking a milestone in the journey to empower communal farmers to embrace modern farming methods and engage in commercial endeavors. The strategic infrastructure investments materialized through the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, have touched the lives of communities across designated communal areas, including Omusati, Ohangwena, Kavango East, Kavango West, Zambezi, Omaheke, and Otjozondjupa regions. This collective commitment has led to infrastructure installations across 490,000 hectares of land, a testament to the government’s and development partners’ unwavering dedication to agriculture, water, and land reform.

A Transformational Landscape

The infrastructure roll-out has left a transformative imprint, manifesting as 74 boreholes, 169 kilometers of water pipelines, 877 kilometers of fencing, and 20 cattle handling facilities, among other enhancements. It’s not just about physical infrastructure; financial and technical support has also been extended to ensure land security through communal land registration and harmonized land use plans. This holistic approach has breathed new life into farming methods, bolstered by advisory services and capacity building within the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform.

A Communal Vision Realized

The journey to this momentous achievement was paved by a rigorous consultative process, engaging Regional Governors, Traditional Authorities, Regional Councils, Communal Land Boards, and beneficiaries. This inclusivity ensured consensus throughout the integrated regional land use planning, as well as the processes of communal land allocation and registration. As the infrastructure investments are entrusted to farming beneficiaries, a resounding example of securing livelihoods and socioeconomic progress in communal areas takes shape.

A Thriving Future Beckons

The opening of the Amarika Farmer’s Cooperative butchery in Outapi, with its roots also in Okahao, further underscores the forward momentum of strategic planning. This second arm of the cooperative stands as a symbol of convenience, ensuring local residents have access to meat supplies right at their doorstep. With each step, the seeds of progress are sown, fostering agricultural productivity, food security, and self-sufficiency.

The N$23.8 million investment by KfW, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, marks a transformative chapter in Namibia’s agricultural landscape. From state-of-the-art livestock centers to farmers markets, from infrastructure development to advisory services, the journey towards empowerment is palpable. As communities embrace modern farming practices, uplifted by collaboration and innovation, a new dawn rises over Namibia’s communal areas. This initiative isn’t just about funding; it’s about nurturing lives, enhancing livelihoods, and fostering resilience in the heart of the nation.

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