Empowering Farmers through Knowledge

Empowering Local Farmers and Disrupting the Global Spices and Herbs Industry: The Inspiring Story of HNM Spice and Herbs in Zambia.

In Zambia, a revolution is taking place in the spices and herbs industry, led by HNM Spice and Herbs, a proudly Zambian brand under the HNM Group Company Limited. Established in 2016, this visionary company is making waves by empowering local farmers and creating a sustainable supply chain for high-quality spices and herbs. With a mission to tap into the global market, HNM Spice and Herbs has already achieved remarkable success and garnered industry accolades in 2022.

At the helm of HNM Spice and Herbs is CEO and Founder Hellen Ngwira Mwamba, whose vision and determination have been recognized with prestigious awards. In 2022, HNM Spice and Herbs won the Manufacturing Founder of the Year award at the FOYA (Festival of Youth Arts) awards, where they competed against businesses from seven African countries. They also secured first prize in the Female Agro Business Entrepreneur category at the Zambia Bureau of Standards / Zambia Association of Manufacturers awards, and a Certificate of Recognition for the Most Innovative Product Runner Up.

The global market for spices and herbs is on a steady growth trajectory, with a value of $15.9 billion in 2018, projected to reach $22.8 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual rate of 4.7% (PMI Prophecy Market Insights). As consumers increasingly seek new flavors and ethnic tastes, HNM Spice and Herbs is well-positioned to cater to this demand with its diverse range of high-quality products.

What sets HNM Spice and Herbs apart is its commitment to creating a sustainable and competitive supply chain of raw materials through community farmer out-grower schemes. By partnering with local rural communities, HNM Spice and Herbs not only supports local farmers but also creates a market for the spices and herbs they cultivate. Recognizing the challenges faced by farmers, such as a lack of knowledge, skill, and mechanisms for cultivating and processing spices and herbs, HNM Spice and Herbs runs comprehensive training programs that cover all aspects of herb growing, from propagation through to harvest and post-harvest.

The impact of these training programs has been significant, with farmers not only from Zambia but also from neighboring regions showing keen interest. By equipping local farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge, HNM Spice and Herbs is effectively addressing the underexploited market for spices and herbs in Zambia, while also creating employment opportunities for women and youth in local communities.

With approximately 58% of Zambia’s land classified as having medium-to-high potential for agricultural production, there is immense untapped potential for the cultivation of spices and herbs. HNM Spice and Herbs aims to capitalize on this opportunity by supporting existing small-scale farmers while also creating a new market for spice growers in Zambia. The company has ambitious plans for expansion into other local markets such as the Copperbelt, Livingstone, and Solwezi by 2023, followed by regional markets in 2026. The long-term vision includes expansion into the rest of Africa and, ultimately, Europe and the global market.

HNM Spice and Herbs is a shining example of the power of entrepreneurship, determination, and innovation to transform local communities and industries. This inspiring Zambian success story serves as a testament to the untapped potential of the spices and herbs market and the importance of supporting local farmers and businesses. As HNM Spice and Herbs continues its remarkable growth, its impact is poised to extend far beyond the borders of Zambia, making waves in the global spices and herbs industry.

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