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Empowering Agriculture: Agribank’s N$284 Million Loans Drive Growth and Inclusivity in Namibia

In a remarkable testament to its commitment to bolstering Namibia’s agricultural landscape, the Agricultural Bank of Namibia has set a new milestone, disbursing a staggering N$284 million in loans to 564 clients for the financial year ending on March 31. This impressive figure represents a significant increase from the N$194 million reported in FY2022, underscoring the bank’s unwavering dedication to transforming the agricultural sector. Let’s dive into the details of this extraordinary achievement and the impact it has on both farmers and the nation’s agricultural future.

Land Purchases on the Rise

One of the most noteworthy highlights of Agribank’s efforts is the surge in land purchases, a vital component of agricultural growth. During the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the bank allocated N$98.2 million to support land purchases, covering an impressive 134,122 hectares. This is a substantial leap from the N$55.1 million invested in 57,965 hectares during FY2022. These investments in land underscore the commitment to expanding agricultural opportunities and productivity in Namibia.

Empowering Women and Youth

Agribank’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment shines brightly as loans extended to women reached N$55.4 million, marking a remarkable increase from N$30.1 million in 2022. The bank is not only supporting female farmers but also fostering the growth of the youth in agriculture. Youth loans surged to over N$30.6 million in FY2023, up from N$20.5 million the previous year. This dedication to gender and generational inclusivity is a vital step toward a more diverse and dynamic agricultural sector.

Livestock Sector Thrives

The livestock sector, a cornerstone of Namibia’s agriculture, experienced robust growth, with Agribank allocating N$76.8 million in loans during FY2023. This marks a significant increase from N$52.2 million in the previous year. These investments in livestock are poised to elevate the nation’s meat and dairy production and contribute to economic growth.

Support for Communal Farmers and Part-Time Farming

Agribank’s commitment to the grassroots of agriculture is evident in its support for full-time communal farmers without collateral. Through the Emerging Retail Financing Product (ERFP), N$25.2 million was disbursed, a notable increase from N$12.6 million. Additionally, the no-collateral scheme, which aids employees engaged in part-time farming, saw N$13.5 million disbursed in FY2023, compared to N$10.1 million during FY2022. This support ensures that farmers without traditional collateral can also access the financial assistance they need to prosper.

A Vision for the Future

The Agricultural Bank of Namibia’s leadership has articulated a clear vision for the future. Dr. Raphael Karuaihe, the Chief Executive Officer, has outlined the bank’s strategic priorities. These include strengthening relationships with shareholders, forging partnerships across agricultural value chains, developing sustainable funding models, enhancing collection and arrears management, implementing auctions prevention strategies, and aligning product innovation and inclusion.

Ministerial Recognition

The remarkable efforts of Agribank have not gone unnoticed by the Namibian government. Finance and Public Enterprises Minister, Iipumbu Shiimi, commended the bank for its active role in transforming agriculture and for removing barriers across the sector’s value chains. The ministry is also working on new approaches for the governance of public enterprises, ensuring that performance indicators and leadership development take center stage. This holistic approach aims to foster a culture of excellence and accountability within state-owned enterprises, ensuring a bright future for Namibia’s agricultural landscape.


Agribank’s outstanding performance in providing loans to farmers and empowering women, youth, and communal farmers is a testament to its unwavering commitment to bolstering Namibia’s agricultural sector. As the bank continues to expand its reach and impact, it’s not just transforming the lives of individual farmers but also contributing to the growth and prosperity of the nation as a whole. With visionary leadership and government recognition, Agribank’s future looks promising, and Namibia’s agricultural landscape is set for remarkable growth.

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