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Cocoa Sensation: Cameroon’s Price Surge to CFA1,700 per kg Sparks Industry Buzz

In a remarkable twist of fate for Cameroon’s cocoa industry, farm gate prices have experienced an unprecedented surge, marking the third consecutive increase in just a mere two weeks. The upper price cap now stands resolutely at CFA1,700 per kilogram, while the lower limit has firmly settled at CFA1,600.

To put this into perspective, on September 6, a mere day before the official launch of the 2023-24 campaign, the maximum price had already made history, soaring to CFA1,500 per kg. This surge marked the first time in two years that cocoa prices had reached such heights. This astonishing trend has left industry insiders and experts astounded, as it defies conventional wisdom. Typically, during the rainy season, cocoa prices tend to plummet due to the challenging conditions posed by poor access roads.

The sector information system (SIF), a price alert system administered by the National Cocoa and Coffee Board, has sounded the alarm bells, highlighting the sheer unexpected nature of this price surge. It’s a phenomenon that has caught everyone by surprise, challenging long-held assumptions about cocoa price trends.

But what does this extraordinary start to the season mean for Cameroon’s cocoa industry as a whole? The outlook appears increasingly promising, particularly with the entrance of a new player on the scene – Africa Processing, a formidable force in the cocoa processing segment. As a result, market dynamics are poised to undergo a seismic shift, with competition set to intensify.

The stage is now set for a season of potential prosperity and opportunity, and Cameroon’s cocoa sector stands ready to embrace the challenges and rewards that this remarkable price surge has brought forth. As cocoa farmers and stakeholders navigate this uncharted territory, the world watches with keen interest, eager to see how this evolving narrative unfolds. Cameroon’s cocoa story has taken an unexpected twist, and it’s one that promises to captivate and inspire industry players and observers alike.

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