Empowering Farmers through Knowledge

Busia Farmers Reap Prosperity as Government Provides 17 Tonnes of Bt Cotton Seeds and Fertilizer.

Revolutionizing Cotton Farming: Government Initiates Bold Steps to Breathe New Life into Busia’s Agricultural Landscape

In a resounding proclamation of commitment to agricultural resurgence, the National government has unleashed a transformative plan aimed at revitalizing the fading glory of cotton production in the country. As the dawn of a new era breaks over the fertile fields of Busia, farmers are set to embrace a revival that promises both economic empowerment and sustainable growth.

Cotton Revival: A Catalyst for Prosperity

Cotton, a crop known to thrive on marginal soils and arid landscapes, holds the potential to bestow profound prosperity upon smallholder farmers in such challenging terrains. As a beacon of hope, the resurgence of cotton production stands to breathe new life into local economies, infusing them with a surge of income and vitality.

Unraveling the Threads of Underperformance

Kenya’s dalliance with cotton production has, unfortunately, been marred by underperformance, primarily attributable to a lack of adoption of high-yielding varieties. The varieties traditionally cultivated have yielded a meager 350 kgs per acre, a disheartening figure that has driven many farmers away from the crop. The fragmentation of farmer organizations, coupled with the absence of robust extension services, has further stifled the potential for growth in this delicate agricultural sector.

Seeding the Future: A Comprehensive Approach

With a bottom-up approach fueled by the voices of farmers echoed through county economic forums, the government is poised to catalyze a remarkable turnaround. Central to this rejuvenation is the promotion of hybrid and BT Cotton, boasting high yields and promising a brighter horizon. The establishment of ward Cooperatives is set to ensure that farmers reap the rewards of their labor, benefiting from cotton seed cake and oil. By collaborating with county governments, these cooperatives are set to employ Technical Assistants, breathing life into agricultural extension services and ushering in an era of skillful support for cotton cultivation.

A Market for Growth: Rivatex Paves the Way

With a strategic focus on the market, the acclaimed Rivatex is already forging purchase agreements with cooperatives. This visionary move not only offers farmers a glimpse of their earnings potential prior to planting but also establishes a foundation of stability and prosperity.

A Thriving Equation: Investment vs. Return

Expert analysis reveals that the cost of producing one acre of cotton amounts to Kshs 39,100. A conservative yield projection of 900 kgs per acre, at a price of Kshs 57, translates to a significant return of Kshs 51,300. This stands as a testament to the lucrative nature of cotton farming, with the potential for farmers to earn Kshs 12,200 within a span of 3-4 months. Cooperative dynamics further sweeten the deal, promising an additional Kshs 19,800 per acre from cotton seed cake.

Cotton’s Bounty: Harvesting Prosperity

The heart of cotton’s yield lies in the cotton boll – a precious cargo harvested by farmers and paid for at the farm gate. With projections of 900 kgs per acre, this translates to a cotton boll brimming with potential. After the harvest, the boll embarks on a journey to a ginnery where cotton lint and seeds part ways. The resulting lint, comprising one-third of the boll weight, yields 300 kgs from 900 kgs, while the seeds undergo extraction, birthing valuable oil and cake. The cotton seed cake, valued at Kshs 35 per kg, and oil, priced at Kshs 165 per kg/litre, beckon as gateways to further profitability.

Busia’s Blooming Future: A Vision Fueled by the National Government

In a landmark collaboration, the National Government has bestowed 17 tonnes of certified Bt cotton seeds upon Busia County. As Phase One of this transformative project unfurls, targeting over 11,000 acres across 11 wards, the promise of a revitalized agricultural landscape looms large. This strategic initiative, backed by 82,000 bags of fertilizer, stands as a beacon of progress, poised to uplift cotton farming from its dormant slumber. With the potent yield potential of up to 1500 kgs per acre, Busia farmers are on the cusp of an agricultural renaissance.

As the echoes of engagement resonate between farmers and dedicated agricultural officers, a new chapter begins at the Agricultural Training College in Busia town. With a shared vision of revitalization, this initiative is poised to infuse Busia’s landscape with growth, prosperity, and the rich tapestry of a flourishing cotton industry.

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