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Boosting Fish Farming in Kenya: Migori County Receives Ksh1.2M Grant to Transform the Fishing Industry

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing the fishing industry, fish farmers in Migori County, Kenya, have secured a game-changing Sh1.2 million grant from the Norland grant under the Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP). This infusion of funds marks a pivotal moment in the efforts to fortify the fishing sector, particularly in the South Nyanza Region, and offers crucial support to artisanal fish farmers within the county.

Empowering Fish Farmers:

Sammy Macharia, the National Programme Coordinator of ABDP, reaffirmed the commitment of the program towards addressing nutritional deficiencies and bolstering the capacity of the agribusiness fishing community in Migori County. The initiative extends beyond mere financial aid, aiming to introduce innovative solutions such as smart kiosks to expand market access for fishmongers, both locally and globally.

Smart Kiosks Revolutionize Market Dynamics:

Macharia underscored the transformative potential of the smart kiosk initiative, which not only broadens market reach but also incorporates cold storage facilities for fish preservation. By mitigating post-harvest losses, these kiosks are poised to streamline the value chain within the fishing industry, ushering in efficiency and sustainability.

Regional Impact and Expansion:

The ripple effects of the ABDP grant transcend Migori County boundaries. Macharia revealed plans to extend grants to Nyeri and Vihiga counties in Kenya, with broader coverage encompassing Tanzania and Mozambique. This expansive reach underscores the program’s commitment to empowering fish farmers across Africa, fostering economic growth and food security.

Local Endorsement and Commitment:

George Ochola, Migori County Chief Officer in Charge of Fisheries, expressed heartfelt appreciation to ABDP for selecting Migori as a beneficiary of the grant. He urged local fish farmers to seize the opportunity, highlighting its potential to augment daily income. The grant is set to finance the establishment of 29 fish cages in Lake Victoria, catalyzing the expansion of fish farming in the region.

Infrastructure Enhancement and Market Access:

Furthermore, Ochola outlined plans for the establishment of cold storage facilities at Got Kachola in Nyatike Sub County, aimed at curbing fish losses post-harvest and enhancing storage infrastructure. Rebecca Marito, the Acting Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, lauded the grant’s objectives of amplifying fish production and fostering market accessibility.

Transformative Impact:

Marito emphasized that the grant would facilitate the refurbishment of fish landing sites and cold storage facilities in the South Nyanza region. This infrastructure overhaul holds the promise of elevating value addition processes, thereby attracting more markets and amplifying economic opportunities within the fishing industry.

Endorsement from the Ground:

Ruth Okeyo, Chairperson of Awendo Samaki, commended ABDP’s endeavors to revolutionize the fishing industry. She underscored the pivotal role of smart kiosks equipped with cold storage facilities in mitigating fish spoilage and augmenting daily income for fishmongers. This initiative, she remarked, addresses a critical challenge faced by the industry, heralding a paradigm shift in market dynamics.

The infusion of the Ksh1.2 million grant into Migori County’s fishing sector heralds a new era of innovation and progress. With a multifaceted approach encompassing infrastructure enhancement, market expansion, and technological innovation, the Aquaculture Business Development Programme is poised to catalyze sustainable growth and prosperity within the fishing industry, not only in Migori but across the region and beyond.

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