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Agrikool: An Agri-Startup’s Incredible Journey to Success with Shoprite Group

In the dynamic landscape of agricultural entrepreneurship, Agrikool, a small agricultural business, is penning a success story that inspires not just farmers but all who believe in the power of innovation and determination. What began as a humble startup has now transformed into an agricultural powerhouse, and the driving force behind this meteoric rise is none other than a game-changing partnership with the renowned Shoprite Group.

A Growing Green Revolution:

Agrikool, based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, is no ordinary agribusiness. Founded in 2018 by farmer and agricultural engineer Zamokuhle Thwala and co-owned with agricultural scientist Palesa Motaung, Agrikool has set out to tackle critical challenges within the farming value chain. The mission is clear: to nurture and develop small to medium-scale local farmers, ensure regional food security, and facilitate the seamless connection of buyers, growers, producers, and transporters of agricultural products. Not stopping there, they have also established a groundbreaking e-marketplace, creating a direct bridge between these dedicated growers and consumers.

Local Roots, Global Ambitions:

Agrikool, under the trade name Gro-Agro (Pty) Ltd, has now fostered partnerships with more than 22 farms in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and surrounding areas. This intricate ecosystem has breathed life into a local economy that has not only boosted employment within farming communities but has also fortified food security in the region.

The Shoprite Connection:

However, it was a momentous partnership that catalyzed Agrikool’s remarkable ascent. With dreams of breaking into the world of formal retail, Zamokuhle Thwala relentlessly pursued retail partnerships. His journey led him to Freshmark, the fruit and vegetable procurement and distribution division of the renowned Shoprite Group. It was a journey fueled by grit, determination, and the unwavering belief in the potential of his agribusiness.

In December 2021, Agrikool’s perseverance paid off as the Shoprite Group, a giant in the retail industry, placed its first order with this innovative agri-startup. This partnership opened the doors for Agrikool to supply formal retail in KwaZulu-Natal, marking a pivotal moment in their journey to success.

The Fruits of Partnership:

Palesa Motaung, co-owner of Agrikool, reflects on the profound impact of this collaboration, “This deal has helped our business achieve incredible growth in such a short space of time. And when it comes to compliance, the Group is known for being very strict. They have taught us a lot about retail and how to handle our produce from farm to shelf.”

The Shoprite Group’s commitment to supporting small suppliers like Agrikool is evident in their initiatives such as Shoprite Next Capital, launched specifically to assist small suppliers with compliance, working capital, and training. Their aim is clear: to ensure that businesses like Agrikool are not only commercially viable but sustainable, even in challenging economic climates.

Maude Modise, GM: Enterprise & Supplier Development at the Shoprite Group, shares their vision, “The Group understands the key role we can play in the success of small suppliers like AgriKool through access to our large consumer market to grow their businesses and create much-needed jobs.”

Agrikool’s journey from a small agri-startup to a thriving business is a testament to the transformative power of vision, innovation, and strategic partnerships. Their collaboration with the Shoprite Group has not only propelled their growth but also strengthened the agricultural ecosystem in South Africa.

The Agrikool story serves as an inspiring example, not just for the agribusiness community but for all entrepreneurs striving to turn dreams into reality. It underscores the vital role that partnerships play in creating a sustainable and thriving business, while also contributing to the economic growth of the region. With their commitment to innovation, Agrikool’s future is a bright one, and their story continues to be written on the canvas of success.

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