Empowering Farmers through Knowledge

ThriveAgric Initiates Agricultural Revolution: Phase Two of Dry Season Farming Unveiled

In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize Nigeria’s agriculture landscape, ThriveAgric, the country’s leading agricultural technology company, has officially launched the ThriveAgric 2023/2024 dry season farming cycle. This ambitious initiative aims to empower over 100,000 smallholder farmers in northern Nigeria, propelling the production of an impressive 300,000MT of grains. ThriveAgric’s multifaceted approach encompasses the distribution of crucial agricultural inputs, including irrigation facilities, drought-resistant seeds, access to technology, storage solutions, and premium market access.

Strategic Kick-Off in Jigawa State

The flag-off ceremony took place in Jigawa state, Nigeria, where ThriveAgric showcased its unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture. The event convened a diverse array of stakeholders, including financial institutions, government officials, farmers, and representatives from farming communities in Jigawa, Bauchi, and Kano. The discussions delved into the challenges and opportunities associated with dry-season farming, focusing on optimizing crop yields, effective water management, and developing coping mechanisms for the prevailing drought conditions.

Addressing the Dry Season Challenge

Dry-season farming, extending from August to September in the South and September to April in the North, poses significant challenges for smallholder farmers. Sparse rainfall and high temperatures make irrigation, access to water sources, and drought-resistant seeds imperative, directly impacting food security. Remarkably, only 1 percent of Nigeria’s agriculture is currently irrigated, highlighting the urgent need to expand and optimize irrigation infrastructure, as emphasized by the World Bank.

Unlocking Potential for Food Sufficiency

Oshone Anavhe, Vice President, Operations at ThriveAgric, emphasized the untapped potential of the dry season for farming in Sub-Saharan Africa. He stated, “For this 2023/2024 farming cycle, ThriveAgric is leveraging partnerships to empower smallholder farmers, especially those in the wheat, rice, and maize value chain. We’re providing them with access to technology, irrigation facilities, drought-resistant inputs, and premium markets. If harnessed at a national scale, dry-season farming has the potential to jumpstart food sufficiency in Nigeria.”

Collaborative Financial Empowerment

ThriveAgric’s collaboration with Sterling Bank underscores a shared commitment to driving economic growth and sustainability through agriculture. Matthew Omega, Regional Manager at Sterling Bank, expressed the transformative power of this partnership in providing innovative and accessible financial solutions for farmers. By empowering smallholder farmers and agricultural communities, the collaboration aims to cultivate a future where prosperity and sustainability coexist.

Building Prosperity Through Partnerships

ThriveAgric’s mission to build the largest network of profitable farmers has been consistently realized through strategic collaborations with both private and government institutions. These partnerships have enabled initiatives that directly improve the social conditions and economic prospects of hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers in Nigeria.

Boosting Yields, Improving Lives, Ensuring Food Security

By providing farmers with access to irrigation facilities during the dry season, ThriveAgric facilitates a significant increase in yield, often doubling or tripling regular production. This not only enhances farmers’ profitability but also positively impacts their standard of living. Moreover, it contributes to bolstering food security in the country, aligning with ThriveAgric’s commitment to creating a resilient and thriving agricultural sector.

As ThriveAgric embarks on this transformative journey, the call is extended to the government to invest in enabling infrastructure, attracting investors, and engaging more farmers in dry-season farming. The stage is set for Nigeria to harness its agricultural potential, ensuring a future of abundance, sustainability, and prosperity for all.