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Tanzania Aims to Revolutionize Livestock Sector to Meet Global Demand for Meat.

Tanzania is set to revolutionize its livestock sector in order to capitalize on the growing global demand for red meat. The government plans to implement a feedlot and livestock Traceability System (TANLITS) to enhance the export potential of the country’s red meat industry.

According to Angello Mwilawa, the Director of Research, Training, and Extension in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, the government is establishing research and training centers to educate and train the youth on the feedlot system, which aligns with the introduction of TANLITS.

“The government wants to revolutionize this livestock sector to become more competitive and attract more young graduates to utilize existing opportunities in the global market because there is demand for red meat,” Mwilawa stated. He further emphasized that the livestock feedlot system would be a game changer for the meat sector’s growth in terms of GDP.

Shanel Ngowi, a senior official at S and J Animal Tech Company, explained that the implementation of TANLITS would enable Tanzania to bring the value of its red meat to the global market. The system, already employed by other countries, aims to generate income for the government and livestock keepers while creating job opportunities and promoting Tanzanian meat products internationally.

In addition to TANLITS, the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) has committed to providing financial support of over US$7.7 million to approximately 19,000 dairy farmers and over 20 SME processors through the Tanzania Inclusive Producer-Processor Partnership in the dairy project (TI3P). The project, spearheaded by the Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Abdallah Ulega, seeks to catalyze an inclusive transformation of the Tanzanian dairy sector.

Ulega commended TADB for its support in the livestock sector and emphasized the aim of TI3P to increase the incomes of small-scale dairy farmers through sustainable growth in dairy processing and increased demand.

Ngowi highlighted the potential of Tanzania’s livestock sector, stating, “I can assure you that if stakeholders in the sector support this system, the nation will eventually rise to the top of the red meat market in the international market because we are blessed with enough land and a large number of livestock.”

The strategic investment in the sector, increased productivity, and support for small livestock keepers are expected to improve the livelihoods of many Tanzanians and position the country as a leading player in the global red meat market. With the implementation of TANLITS and the commitment to the dairy sector through TI3P, Tanzania is taking significant steps toward achieving its goal of meeting the rising global demand for meat and dairy products.

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