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Revolutionizing Dairy Farming: President Ruto Orders New KCC to Pay Farmers Kshs 50 a Litre from March

In a groundbreaking move towards empowering dairy farmers and revitalizing the dairy sector, President William Ruto has initiated significant reforms, earmarking Kshs 5 billion for the modernization of New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC). This strategic investment aims to enhance efficiency, ensuring that KCC can seamlessly cater to the needs of farmers and significantly bolster processing capacity. President Ruto’s recent directives, delivered during the commissioning of the upgraded New KCC in Nyahururu, Laikipia County, promise a transformative journey for dairy farmers.

Empowering Farmers:

President Ruto’s commitment to the agricultural sector is evident as he instructs KCC to initiate a groundbreaking payment structure for milk farmers. Starting from March 1st, farmers will be paid a fixed rate of Kshs 50 per litre, with the assurance that the price will remain stable. Furthermore, from July 1st, a fortnightly payment system will be implemented, addressing the challenges of delayed payments that often lead to milk hawking. President Ruto’s vision is clear – a thriving dairy sector that uplifts the livelihoods of farmers.

Investing in Efficiency and Livelihoods: The investment in modernizing KCC is not only a commitment to efficiency but also an endeavor to eliminate milk hawking by ensuring timely payments to farmers. President Ruto emphasized that this initiative aligns with the broader goal of creating a seamless and prosperous agricultural ecosystem. Additionally, the government plans to assist farmers in acquiring quality animal breeds that are efficient in feed consumption, maximizing profits for dairy farmers across the country.

Financial Support for Farmers:

Recognizing the financial needs of farmers, President Ruto highlighted the government’s commitment to providing seasonal credit through the Agricultural Finance Corporation. A substantial allocation of Kshs 10 billion underscores the government’s dedication to ensuring farmers have access to the necessary financial resources for their agricultural endeavors. This move is set to empower farmers and propel the sector towards sustained growth.

Access to Subsidized Fertilizer:

President Ruto addressed another crucial aspect of farming – access to affordable and timely inputs. Farmers can expect to receive this season’s fertilizer on time at a subsidized price of Kshs 2,500. This strategic move aims to support farmers in maximizing their yields and underscores the government’s commitment to reducing the cost of living and food.

Success Stories in Agriculture Reforms:

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua highlighted the success of ongoing agricultural reforms, citing improved earnings for tea, coffee, and milk farmers. The positive impact is evidenced by the highest bonus in the history of tea farming in the country. These success stories underscore the effectiveness of government initiatives in transforming the agricultural landscape.

Infrastructure and Housing Development:

President Ruto, in a comprehensive approach to rural development, commissioned the tarmacking of access roads in Lamuria, Laikipia County. Additionally, he laid the foundation stone for the construction of the 200-unit Nanyuki Affordable Housing Project, set to generate over 1,000 jobs and contribute to community development.

President Ruto’s visionary directives and strategic investments in the dairy sector signal a new era for farmers. The commitment to stable pricing, timely payments, and infrastructure development underscores a dedication to creating a thriving agricultural environment. As the dairy sector undergoes these transformative changes, the future looks promising for farmers, with increased efficiency, financial support, and sustainable growth on the horizon.