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Paving the Path to a Greener Future: Rwandan Youth Encouraged to Embrace Green Skills for Sustainable Development.

Empowering the Future Generation to Drive Climate Action and Peace

In a resounding call to action that echoes across Rwanda, the power of green skills in shaping sustainable development and fostering peace took center stage at the inaugural Youth Talks Rwanda on August 11th. This inspiring forum, orchestrated by the Rwanda Peace Partnership—a collaboration between Interpeace, Aegis Trust, and Never Again Rwanda—brought together the voices of young Rwandans from diverse backgrounds, showcasing their remarkable contributions to society. Against the backdrop of International Youth Day, marked on August 12th under the theme ‘Green Skills for Youth Towards Sustainable Development and Peace’, the event spotlighted the vital role of youth in steering climate action and peace—a duo intertwined for a brighter future.

Linking Climate Action and Peace: A Youth-Powered Initiative

The inaugural Youth Talks Rwanda event unfolded as a beacon of hope, illustrating the profound connection between climate action and peace. With escalating extreme weather events and environmental degradation exacerbating conflicts, scarce resources, and hunger, the forum stressed the imperative for Rwandan youth to comprehend this interrelation. By addressing these concerns head-on, youth can emerge as champions of change, advocating for climate action and embracing sustainability as pathways to transformation.

Equipping for Change: The Blend of Soft and Hard Skills

Larissa Umulinga, the Youth Representative at the event, emphasized the crucial role of equipping youth with a diverse skill set—a blend of soft and hard skills—that transcends traditional boundaries. Soft skills such as critical thinking, empathy, and effective communication act as catalysts for meaningful dialogues, bridging divides, and discovering collaborative solutions. On the other hand, hard skills such as technology proficiency, renewable energy expertise, and sustainable agriculture know-how empower youth to innovate and steer a course toward a greener and more promising future.

Youth as Architects of Change: Crafting a Harmonious Tomorrow

Joseph Ryarasa Nkurunziza, the Executive Director of Never Again Rwanda, underlined the significance of empowering youth with green skills, labeling it as an investment not just in their individual futures, but in a collective commitment towards a sustainable world. As the custodians of tomorrow, their active engagement with today’s environmental challenges heralds a harmonious journey toward a world that is both greener and more peaceful.

Inspiring Innovations: Catalysts for Community Transformation

The speakers at Youth Talks Rwanda showcased a vibrant tapestry of innovations and initiatives that ripple through their communities. From waste recycling that mitigates environmental impact to entrepreneurial ventures that generate employment opportunities, and from raising awareness about mental health to pioneering strides in various domains, these young visionaries paint a canvas of change that transcends fields.

A Call to Arms: The Future Unfolds

In a world fraught with complex challenges, the call for a sustainable and peaceful future reverberates through the voices of Rwandan youth. As they gather their collective strength and embrace green skills, they become the architects of a transformative tomorrow. The convergence of climate action and peace becomes their mantra, guiding them to build a harmonious global landscape—one that is vibrant, resilient, and capable of embracing a brighter future for all.

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