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Norwegian Firm Envisions N$20 Billion Turnover Salmon Haven in Lüderitz.

In a groundbreaking stride towards sustainable aquaculture, the horizon of Namibia’s //Kharas Region is about to transform as a Norwegian powerhouse, the African Aquaculture Company (AAC), sets its sights on establishing an awe-inspiring salmon farming venture in the pristine embrace of Lüderitz. Hold your breath, for this audacious undertaking is projected to churn a colossal N$20 billion in annual turnover, transcending mere commerce to foster an ecosystem of employment and ecological stewardship.

Picture a harmonious convergence of expertise as AAC artfully marries Norwegian aquaculture prowess with the natural bounty of Namibia’s Benguela Current. The symphony of innovation and tradition takes center stage, orchestrated by the hands of LM Environmental Consulting, a virtuoso entrusted to navigate the path towards a harmonious coexistence of economic growth and environmental responsibility.

The symposium of sustainability and growth has been diligently outlined within the folds of an intricate draft environmental impact study. While awaiting the esteemed blessing of the Executive Director of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and the Directorate of Environmental Affairs and Forestry of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism – crystallized as the coveted Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) – the vision pulses with anticipation.

AAC’s odyssey unfurls across the vast expanse of the cold Benguela Current, where it aspires to cultivate a flourishing realm of fish farming. Armed with the legacy of Norwegian aquaculture mastery, AAC beckons forth a technological revolution that whispers to the seas, coaxing forth optimal growth conditions and an economy teeming with vitality.

Peering into the crystalline waters off Lüderitz, AAC envisions a spectacle – up to 100,000 tonnes of majestic Atlantic salmon pirouetting between offshore and onshore sanctuaries. The implications ripple far beyond the aquatic realm, as the Norwegian Salmon Industry’s data dances with promise: a potential cascade of 15,000 to 20,000 new livelihoods, a lighthouse of hope beaming upon the local economy, and a monumental N$20 billion yearly turnover.

But how, you ask, will this be conjured? AAC pledges a formidable N$8.5 billion as the cornerstone of its grand design. Behold, an offshore pilot phase, an investment of N$100 million, preludes the opus. From there, a virtuoso symphony envelops the three sites, where each acreage spans 16 square kilometers – a sprawling canvas upon which the future’s portrait is meticulously painted. Stalwart cages, adorned with defenses against marauding seals and airborne wanderers, cradle the dream of abundance.

Indeed, the tide surges with the crescendo of ambition. AAC’s opulent vessel, laden with 50,000 tonnes of precious cargo, navigates these waters with grace. It is a saga scripted in phases – an initial pilot’s whisper swells to a 50,000-tonne crescendo, each wave a testament to meticulous environmental stewardship.

Ah, but the saga continues, as the very earth yearns to cradle this bounty. An onshore sanctuary, nestled south of Diaz Point, unfurls its arms – envisaging 50,000 tonnes more of the Atlantic majesty. Basins, awash with the symphony of flowing water, orchestrate a ballet of growth, while pipes and tunnels channel nature’s blessings.

The dreamscape of Lüderitz, destined to span 40 hectares, remains poised for transformation. Yet, the guardians of this vision tread lightly, for environmental guardianship holds the reins. An Environmental Assessment or an addendum thereof becomes the sentinel, standing steadfast to embrace and address every whisper of impact.

As dawn kisses dusk in this narrative, AAC’s arrival heralds a new era for Namibia’s aquaculture. A chorus of Norwegian wisdom and technological wizardry harmonizes, conducting an ode to prosperity. The world watches, hearts aflutter, as job opportunities flourish, economies surge, and the legacy of sustainable aquaculture glistens like a pearl in Namibia’s crown. Lüderitz, once a humble backdrop, now stands tall – a stage for innovation, a haven for prosperity, and a testament to the power of dreams woven with diligence and care.