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Kenyan Farmer Imports Rare Sheep Breed from South Africa: A Wise Investment in Agribusiness.

Isaac Kosgei, a young Kenyan farmer, has made waves in the agribusiness industry by importing two rare Dorper T5 sheep breeds from South Africa, each worth Ksh200,000. Kosgei is the founder of Kibois Breeders Limited, a company based in Kombe area in Nandi, North Rift region of Kenya, which specializes in breeding and marketing high-quality sheep and goats.

The Dorper T5 breed is known for its long breeding season, with one ram capable of breeding 300-400 ewes in one year and reproducing twins due to its fertility. In addition, the Dorper T5 sheep gain an average of 10 kilograms every month, making them ideal for mutton production. Kosgei explained that a ram can breed for five seasons, and to prevent inbreeding, they exchange rams with other farmers every breeding season.

Kibois Breeders highlighted the returns that farmers can expect from investing in Dorper T5 sheep. With one ram breeding around 400 ewes per year, farmers can sell 150 rams at Ksh40,000 each and 100 ewes at Ksh20,000 each, and still have some left for future breeding, according to the company. This means that farmers can recoup their initial investment of Ksh200,000 within a few months.

Kosgei emphasized the importance of due diligence when importing sheep, urging farmers to select hormonally balanced, fast-maturing animals that are adapted to the local environment and capable of enhancing ecosystem function. Kibois Breeders, with its expertise in breeding and marketing, provides a reliable source for farmers seeking to acquire Dorper T5 sheep in Kenya.

Apart from Dorper sheep, Kibois Breeders also rears Galla goats for sale, another popular breed in Kenya due to rising market demand. Many Middle Eastern countries are now coming to Kenya in search of Galla goats and Dorper sheep, according to Kosgei. Kibois Breeders sells Galla goats at Ksh20,000 for a buck (male) and Ksh15,000 for a doe (female), offering farmers another opportunity for profitable investment in agribusiness.

Kosgei’s vision for Kibois Breeders is to empower more youth to join agriculture and make a living out of it. As a youth-led agribusiness company, Kibois Breeders is setting an example of how smart farming techniques and strategic investments can revolutionize the agricultural sector in Kenya. With their focus on high-quality sheep and goats, expert breeding, and a commitment to empowering youth in agriculture, Kibois Breeders Limited is making a significant impact in the agribusiness industry in Kenya.

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