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Horticulture Traders Beware: Special Controlled Products and Borders in March 2023 (Namibia)

Attention all horticulture traders! The Namibian government has announced the implementation of closed and open borders for special controlled products, in line with the Agronomic Industry Act (Act 20 of 1992) and the Namibian Horticulture Market Share Promotion Scheme rules and regulations. The special import permit period will run from March 1st to March 31st, 2023.

The following products are subject to border restrictions: beetroot, butternut, cabbage, English cucumber, colored pepper, green pepper, pumpkin, sweet potato, sweet corn, lettuce (iceberg), and spinach. The importation of these products will be either closed or pro-rated, meaning only a certain percentage will be allowed.

However, there are certain exceptions to these restrictions for specific time periods. For example, beetroot will be excluded from March 2nd to March 15th, and certain types of lettuce and spinach will be excluded altogether. It is important for traders to be specific with the size and type of products allowed for importation on the permit and accompanying invoice.

On the other hand, gem squash, onions, and washed potatoes are open for importation without restriction, but a 47% MSP applies. Watermelon and sweet melon are subject to a 40% importation restriction, while round tomatoes and carrots have a 50% and 70% importation restriction, respectively.

Traders are advised that this notice is subject to change and that any updates will be communicated accordingly. Stay tuned for more information and plan your horticulture trading activities accordingly.
For more information, visit the Namibian Agronomic Board website.

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