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Harmony in Peril (Nigeria): Gombe Farmers Rally Against Devastating Hippo Onslaught Threatening Food Security.

Unveiling the Urgent Need for Sustainable Solutions and Collaborative Action

In the picturesque Difa community nestled within the heart of Yamaltu/Deba Local Government Area in Gombe State, a silent battle is being waged. This battle is not waged by armies clad in armor, but by humble farmers who are the unsung heroes of our society. These farmers, whose toil and sweat sustain our nation, have been faced with an unexpected and overwhelming challenge – the relentless onslaught of hippos on their farmlands. This incursion not only threatens their livelihoods but also casts a looming shadow over the very fabric of our food security efforts.

In the quietude of their farms, Mr. Ali Umaru, a retired civil servant turned farmer, raises his voice in frustration. The annual havoc wreaked by hippos has reached a tipping point. With a voice tinged with exasperation, Umaru describes the scene: “It has become unbearable and extremely frustrating. These creatures, these hippos, have found solace in our community. Our lands, adjacent to the river bank and a mere two kilometers away from the Dadin Kowa dam, have become their chosen battleground.”

As the sun dips below the horizon, these unwelcome visitors emerge from the water’s edge, a formidable force in the darkness. In groups of ten or more, they invade the farmlands, feasting on rice, okra, watermelon, and anything in their path. By dawn, they retreat to their aquatic sanctuaries, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Their insatiable hunger takes away not only the farmers’ crops but also their hope and hard-earned income.

“This is a painful reality,” Mr. Umaru laments. “The havoc inflicted upon us pushes farmers into the clutches of poverty. It’s a cruel blow to our efforts to ensure food security. A field that should yield 50 hectares is now a shadow of itself, merely 20 hectares in the best cases. Thirty hectares – lost.”

Amidst the despair, a chorus of voices emerges. Mrs. Lois Joshua, another farmer, echoes the sentiment: “These hippos, they aren’t just intruders; they are threats to our way of life. Last year, they devoured three hectares of my hard work. As we approach harvest, anxiety and uncertainty loom.”

Struggling for solutions, the farmers have resorted to nocturnal guardians – young men equipped with torchlights, standing as a human barrier between the invaders and their livelihoods. It’s a grim necessity, as Mrs. Amina Nuhu explains, “We’re forced to pay N20,000 per month for their protection, a toll on our already strained finances.”

In the face of adversity, the call goes out – a plea to the higher powers, to governments that hold the keys to resolution. The farmers implore the Federal and Gombe State governments to intervene decisively, to find a lasting remedy. “This isn’t just a local issue,” Mr. Umaru emphasizes. “We are custodians of food security. Our harvests, our sweat, they feed the nation.”

Amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges from the State Ministry of Environment. Mr. Abubakar Hassan, the Permanent Secretary, shares insight into the government’s intentions: “We are aware. We are concerned. We are taking action.” Plans are in motion, with the intent to establish a Hippopotamus colony – a dedicated space that ensures the harmony between human livelihoods and the creatures that share the land. This initiative holds the promise of not only mitigating conflicts but also nurturing a potential revenue stream through eco-tourism.

To bolster their efforts, the state government has equipped forest guards with tools of surveillance – drones, flying boats, and motorcycles – to keep a vigilant eye on waterways and protect both humans and hippos from harm.

Yet, amidst the urgency, a plea resounds – to tread with caution and empathy. These creatures, the hippos, are not mere intruders but beings teetering on the brink of endangerment. The vision is clear: a future where a harmonious coexistence prevails, where the hippo’s presence becomes a blessing, a testament to the power of unity between humans and the wild.

In the heart of Gombe State, the battle rages on. Farmers, governments, and nature itself stand at a crossroads. The stakes are high, the challenges daunting, but the path forward is clear. In collaboration, understanding, and sustainable initiatives, we forge a future where food security is safeguarded, where farmers’ sweat nurtures a nation, and where the hippos, once adversaries, become allies in the quest for a balanced world.

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