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Fruitful Future: Togo’s Ambitious Five-Year Plans to Elevate Mango and Pineapple Industries.

Fruitful Aspirations: Togo’s Path to Mango and Pineapple Glory

In a symphony of ambition and growth, the Republic of Togo has unfurled two visionary five-year plans, designed to infuse vitality into the nation’s prized mango and pineapple industries. These multi-million-dollar strategies, stretching from 2024 to 2028, paint a vibrant canvas of agricultural innovation and prosperity, poised to reshape the landscape of Togo’s fruit sectors.

Empowering the Mango Majesty

Togo’s mango sector springs to life with the unveiling of the 2024-2028 Action investment plan. This transformative initiative, estimated at CFA 1.715 billion (US$2.91 million), orchestrates a symphony of development over the next half-decade. The plan’s heartbeat lies in its strategic financing, where the Togolese State, the private sector, and dedicated technical and financial partners converge to fuel progress.

Four pillars stand as the guiding lights for this mango revolution: enhancing mango quality and production, amplifying the potential of value-added products, cultivating an environment conducive to sector growth, and enhancing sector governance.

Mapping the Mango Landscape

The journey’s compass points towards the long-term vision of dedicating 500 hectares of fertile land to mango cultivation within the Zones d’Aménagement Agricole Planifiées (ZAAP). Embarking on this journey of growth, Togo unveils plans for two additional ZAAPs, exclusively tailored for mango farming, spanning 100 hectares each. These strategic sanctuaries for mangoes are poised to elevate production and open new avenues for marketing this delectable fruit.

Resilience Amidst Challenges

Togo’s mango sector exhibits its fortitude, navigating the tumultuous waters of the past three years with resilience. Even in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, Togo’s mango production surged, witnessing a 31% spike in 2022 compared to 2021. A testament to diligence, the nation produced approximately 50,500 tons of mangoes in 2022. Remarkably, Togo processed around 10,200 tons of mangoes, scaling its exports to 12,800 tons, a significant leap from the 10,400 tons in the preceding year.

The Pineapple Odyssey

Amidst this symphony of growth, Togo’s pineapple industry emerges as another star in the firmament of agricultural transformation. The five-year investment plan spanning from 2024 to 2028, at a total cost of CFA 9.5 billion (US$15.82 billion), charts a resolute path towards enhancing the nation’s pineapple prowess.

Built upon three strategic pillars, this pineapple saga aims to cultivate sustainable farming practices, invigorate local farmers’ market access, and fortify the institutional framework governing the sector.

Harvesting Success

With fervor in its heart, Togo’s pineapple plan aspires to double national output from 44,391 tons to a staggering 88,782 tons by 2028. Local processing shall bloom, surging from 35% to an impressive 75% of production. Anchored by collaboration between the State, the Interprofessional Council of Pineapple in Togo (CIFAN), and steadfast technical and financial partners, this endeavor carves a path to a thriving, sustainable pineapple ecosystem.

The Roots of Transformation

Togo’s visionary plans extend beyond mangoes and pineapples, venturing into the realm of roots and tubers. This comprehensive strategy, spanning from 2024 to 2028 and requiring CFA 2.34 billion (US$3.90 million), aspires to elevate the nation’s roots and tuber output by 15%. This ambition resonates further through the goal of achieving a processing rate of 15% by 2028.

Embrace the Future

In Togo’s fervent pursuit of growth, these multi-faceted plans stand as beacons of progress. Navigated by the Ministry of Agriculture and a web of stakeholders, these strategies galvanize Togo’s agricultural economy. As the nation embraces its aromatic pineapples and succulent mangoes, it also embarks on a journey towards greater self-sufficiency and global prominence in organic produce.

In a landscape where innovation and ambition entwine, Togo writes a new chapter, weaving dreams of prosperity and sustainable growth. Within these five-year spans, the land shall witness not just the transformation of crops but the metamorphosis of entire industries, all rooted in the dedication and resolve of the people of Togo.

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